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    Asus p7p55-m DSDT success!

    My Geekbench 64 score is 11261 My Cinebench 11.5 cpu score is 5.18
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    Asus p7p55-m DSDT success!

    Definitely! count me in. DSDT editing is not difficult, but understanding why to do things and where to edit.. that's the holy grail. The main thing is PREPARE for your DSDT NOT to work, learn how to use "user mode" from chameleon boot-loader (type " - s" at boot ), this way you don't get...
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    Has anyone got 10.6.4 working with nVidia 9600 GSO ?

    I have a Zotac 9600GSO and its working pretty good, i just finished playing some Half-Life 2 at the max settings (its kinda old game anyway), and im using the HDMI output. all i have done is run Multibeast, that enables the graphics in your plist. now what i need to do is put it in my dsdt. :)
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    Asus p7p55-m DSDT success!

    Hi, everybody.I'm new in the board, but i have been reading a lot the last couple of weeks and i think i got most of my system stable and running very good. this is my system: Intel i7-860 (3.15Ghz) 4Gb 1500Mhz (1600 under-clocked) Asus p7p55-m Nvidia 9600GSO 1GB (Recognized as 512MB) WD 160GB...