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    2019 Mac Pro is Now Available at

    When this website did a question about "what is the reason makes you to Hackintosh?", lots of people choose the answer "because Apple doesn't release high end specs we need, price is no problem". And they strongly argued about that. Now lets see if those people stop Hackintoshing and buy Apple...
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    AMD Radeon Navi GPU

    Thats right, all reference are from AMD only, if you watch "Actually Hardcore Overclocking" YouTube channel, the guy is an expert on GPU electronics and stuff, he does the most detailed analyses on GPU boards components and he said exactly the same about reference branding. And even more...
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    AMD Radeon Navi GPU

    I had that, too, on my Vega 64 but I think that was from iStatMenus not from VirtualSMC plug-in, HWSensors-3_r240 had that ability as well but depending on the GPU indication command not depending on any plug-in. Now as for iStatMenus 6.40 there is no temps info for my Navi, let's hope newer...
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    AMD Radeon Navi GPU

    This one is modified for 5700XT and works with Slice FakeSMC. However you need to create SSDT in order to have System fans indication, this is how Slice plug-ins work, I personally didn't bother to create that.
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    AMD Radeon Navi GPU

    If I understand correctly, you used VirtualSMC with FakeSMC? if yes then its wrong coz VirtualSMC is the alternative to FakeSMC and vise versa, never both.. And each one has its own plug-ins, you cannot mix them. VirtualSMC, Rehabman FakeSMC and Slice FakeSMC are three different solutions and...
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    AMD Radeon Navi GPU

    For temps I'm using Slice Fakesmc along with modified RadeonMonitor.kexts for Navi (I can provide if you need them), however all I can see is temps in real time with iStatMenus app with clock/processor bars, no numbers tho. About the errors I have no idea, my Sapphire reference 5700XT runs...
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    AMD Radeon Navi GPU

    I think its because is still early support for the card, or maybe this benchmark tools are getting old for new GPU. I remember early Vega 64 support where the system crashed on any OpenCL test, this time looks better with Navi. Anyway, here is a good first signs on how 5700XT perform, even...
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    Will my Nvidia Graphics Card work with macOS ? List of Desktop Cards with Native Support

    Nvidia never did webdriver for hackintoshers, all that support was for old modular Mac Pros to be able to have a Nvidia GPU inside, in addition to that they could continue doing webdriver for any recent Mac user using external GPU. Hackintoshers just take that as an advantage and installed it on...
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    Will my Nvidia Graphics Card work with macOS ? List of Desktop Cards with Native Support

    I like that one :lol:, its also better to us to have more AMD cards in the market to choose. I also think that's the case, Apple locks down their stuff and me as a user have to choose if I want to follow that path or the other, but if followed the second I have no more to ask for, and shouldn't.
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    Will my Nvidia Graphics Card work with macOS ? List of Desktop Cards with Native Support

    Laptops has switchable graphic card technology (Nvidia Optimus transitions between integrated graphics and a discrete GPU to keep battery last as long as possible) where desktops doesn't have that in their drivers (and they don't need it). In this case you need to to change primary GPU in the...
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    Solved > ASUS ROG HERO X, 10.15.1 and RX 5700 > It Seems to Work Now

    Congratulations for making it work, better support yet to come for Navi. As far as I know: For Benchmarks: LuxMark, Unigine Heaven, Unigine Valley, GeekBench, Cinebench. For HEVC H264 support: VideoProc, MacX Video Converter, (BruceX Test) to test in Final Cut Pro. In some benchmarks my 5700XT...
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    Vega 64 runs sometimes at high clocks on idle

    Thats cool! I actually stopped using FakeSMC and its plug-ins (FakeSMC_GPUSensors.kext). Im now using only VirtualSMC and HWMonitorSMC2 from vector sigma and it seems it works very well. After all I still have Vega high clocks issue but not very often as it was before, it happened once in last 2...
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    [Guide] MSI GE62VR Apache Pro-026 (Semi-Success, Work in Progress)

    I have the same laptop but cannot boot from SSD after Clover with some other kexts being properly installed, it boots only from USB to the SSD. BIOS shows no OSX option to boot only USB installer when plugged in, can you tell me the trick or anyone?
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    [Guide] MSI GE62 6QD Apache Pro - Mojave 10.14

    So with ''1: Repartition secondary HDD'' you mean I have to use the secondary SSD to install Clover, not at the same SSD where the macOS is installed? As I see you choose MBR to partition, is that the only option which worked for you? because technically it demands change the boot option in the...