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    [Success] Radeon RX 6800 XT - Big Sur

    I bought the AMD Radeon W6600 Pro 8GB and tested, I had the SMBIOS 20,1 and it didn't work, I saw a video that a guy tried with a EGPU the W6600 and it didn't work but he said it just work in the MACPRO7,1, I changed to that smbios, I have the 11.6 update already, and it doesn't work sadly, I...
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    [Success] Radeon RX 6800 XT - Big Sur

    I could finally made it work my RX 6900 XT from Asus, I had a problem with my older SMBIOS, I was using a iMacPro1,1 and I had crashes with I tried to use 3D apps (Unreal) or games, the computer got restarted inmediatly, but I updated to the MacPro7,1 SMBIOS and right now is working just...
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    macOS 11.4 Update

    Finally got support for my RX 6900 XT, but I had to change the SMBIOS from iMacPro1,1 to MacPro7,1. With the first SMBIOS I had crashes and restarts when I tried to use 3D Apps (Unreal) or games. I solved with the new SMBIOS and no problems and totally stable right now... First time I could play...
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    Ohchang's build: Gigabyte Z590 Vision G + i7-10700K + AMD RX580

    I am testing A Z590 Asrock Taichi with Thunderbolt/USB 4, and with 11.3 no USB after reboot. But I unchecked XhciPortLimit with the Port Limit Patch, and I had a USB SSDT. All USB are working right now again
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    Z490 & Z590

    But you can config to calculate VDA to the dGPU with shiki, no need to config Quicksync or you can config iMacpro1,1 SMBIOS to have VDA full acceleration...
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    Z490 & Z590

    I could fix the audio, and right now, my Hackintosh 11gen Intel is totally complete!!!! I fix it with PCIIDDFake and PCIIDIntelHDMI, with spoofing device id and keeping the layout_id. Right now my final config will be. * Core i7 11700KF * Asrock Z590M-Pro4 * DDR4 3000Mhz Kingston HyperX * NVME...
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    Z490 & Z590

    Hello Guys, My Z590 Mainboard and my Core i7 11700KF arrived yesterday Finally and I could tried to install MacOS Finally. And it Works but I still have some problems with the Audio. I share my specs: * Core i7 11700KF * Asrock Z590M-Pro4 * DDR4 3000Mhz Kingston HyperX * NVME MP600 2TB Gen 4 *...
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    macOS 11.1 Update

    I could update my Ryzentosh with no trouble!.... Smooth and easy, I used OpenCore 0.6.4 with the lastest patches and kexts.
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    Announcement: AMD Ryzen Based Systems and tonymacx86

    Cool, I will update my signature, actually I have a Ryzentosh with my super powerful Ryzen9 3950X, it is so cool that we can share information here already...
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    macOS 11.0 Big Sur Public Beta is Now Available

    Thanks, the tip worked just fine, I finally could test BigSur in my Z490+Corei9+Radeon VII!!!, I still can notice a few problems, but Apple Music is working and Movies too, I can see DRM movies and listen to the music, in safari I can watch Netflix in Safari, until now is working good, but still...
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    macOS 10.15.6 Update

    Updated with no problems with my Core i7 10700K and Z490 Mobo with OpenCore...
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    i9-10900K Build Discussion

    The overclock is custom, but I had to set up the clocks a bit lower, to 5.1GHz because I started to had overheating and thermal throttling at 5.3GHz, the chips are really hot!!! But the results are good at that my new clock speeds and the temps, too, 79 degrees vs 92/95 at 5,3Ghz, It performs...
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    i9-10900K Build Discussion

    Well testing sadly, it took me some time to be honest, but in AppleALC supported codecs you can find some information about the ids, I had to test some but yeah testing. By the way it is really hard to find processors right now, my 10900K was cancelled, and I bought a 10700K, and the second...
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    Apple Announces "3rd Transition" for macOS: From Intel CPUs to Apple Silicon

    Well People are just angry because of the end of hackintosh... in my case I will look first how the machines are going, because apple has a lot of bad engineering, I don’t like that from that machines, their high cost spare parts, and in case you need their repair services it cost a fortune with...
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    Apple Announces "3rd Transition" for macOS: From Intel CPUs to Apple Silicon

    I will because I use Windows, Linux and I will use Mac OS with my machines until the end of the support, after that well I will not buy a Mac laptop or desktop, but I like the three and for me it will be a bye bye Mac OS. The think is if you only use Mac OS, you have to think really serious to...