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    [Guide] Dell XPS 13 9360 on MacOS Sierra 10.12.x - LTS (Long-Term Support) Guide

    Off topic, but the DW1820A (BCM4350) works on the XPS 15 (9560) with either AirPortBrcm4360 or AirPortBrcmNIC (not AirPortBrcmNIC-MFG - looks like a debug version). 80 MHz channels work properly with country code #a (set brcmfx-country=#a). Occasional "32KHz LPO Clock not running" panic occurs...
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    [Guide] Dell XPS 13 9360 on MacOS Sierra 10.12.x - LTS (Long-Term Support) Guide

    PFSExtractor should work: You may need to first extract the EXE though (using binwalk or something similar); then use PFSExtractor on the ~16 MB file that was extracted.
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    [Guide] Dell XPS 13 9360 on MacOS Sierra 10.12.x - LTS (Long-Term Support) Guide

    Are you referring to Embedi's partial Boot Guard bypass (removing BootGuardDxe), or some other method? EDIT: Never mind, I think I understand now.
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    10.10 Eurocom Panther 5SE build

    What SMBIOS are you using now? If it's a newer Mac model that has AMD graphics (MacPro6,1, iMac15,1), you will need to edit AppleGraphicsControl.kext's Info.plist.
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    [Guide] Airport - PCIe Half Mini v2

    Anyone know if it's possible to do a locale / country patch (regdomain) with AirPortAtheros40.kext similar to the Broadcom patches? I have an AR9380 that can't be edited (EEPROM), and I wonder if it's possible to patch the kexts instead of editing the EEPROM. I know that there are some patches...
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    Post a Screenshot of Your iPhone Home Screen

    iPhone 5, 6.1.2.
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    [GUIDE] Mountain Lion 10.8.2 Lenovo T410 Intel HD Graphics

    I have a laptop with Intel HD Graphics and an ATI 5470M, but they use an unsupported switching method so the ATI doesn't work in OS X. Needless to say, no QE/CI for me. But, I have found a guide to enable glitchy QE/CI with Intel HD Graphics on a Lenovo X201. I haven't tried it on my laptop yet...
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    Hackintosh Pro - PowerMac G5 2004 model

    Your mod is fantastic! I like the mix between the black and aluminum on the case. And also the window that you put on the side, it goes great with the aluminum black combo.
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    Make usb boot to system like efix or old pcefi

    This would be pretty easy to make. Format a USB stick at Mac OS Extended Journaled. Then install Chameleon (or Chimera) to the USB drive. In the /Extra folder, put your DSDT.aml, smbios.plist, and org.chameleon.Boot.plist files. In that folder, make another folder called Extensions. Put all your...
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    Can't get Intel HD 4000 Working
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    New to the this world...Apple fever...

    You aren't necessarily screwed. The i7 2600k has Intel HD 3000 which will work just fine if the AMD card won't work.
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    New to the this world...Apple fever...

    I thought ML had support for AMD 69xx?,1845.0.html EDIT: No. At least you'll have HD 3000.
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    I need help!!! samsung 530U4B

    OK, took a quick look at your specs. Your processor is fine and the Intel HD 3000 graphics will work fine. The ATI card won't work as Apple hasn't used an ATI 7xxx series card in their Macs yet. WiFi won't work - Intel WiFi has zero support in OS X. Most likely you'll be able to replace it with...
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    This copy of the install OS X Mountain Lion is damaged and cant be used to install OS X

    Don't run the Install Mac OS X from the UniBeast USB. Just boot with it and install from there. And yes, you aren't alone. It always says that for me. It's because it modifies the installer with Chimera and stuff, like jtscuba said.
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    Native Support in Mountain Lion- Ivy Bridge, HD 4000, GeForce 6xx

    Do your research beforehand. If it's a first-gen Core i3, then no. If it's a second-gen Core i3 with Intel HD 3000, then it will work.