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    YouTube videos slow to load or freeze

    I just recently started messing with Hackintosh after about a year or so and I'm having an issue that I don't think I have had before. Despite having gigabit internet and being able to do a speed test that clocks in over 800 Gbps, YouTube is very slow to load videos and I often get stuck...
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    Fix no sound after sleep on 1150 (and possibly other realtek's)

    Your kext worked for me! Thanks! I have a GIGABYTE Z97X-UD5H and all I had to do was reinstall my audio and ethernet kext from Multibeast after installing the CodecCommander.
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    [Success] macOS High Sierra on GA-Z97X-UD5H

    Does anyone have sound after sleep? I am revisiting Hackintoshing again and it appears that this is still a problem.
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    Install USB won't start while Windows 10 drive is attached

    So first of all, I have experimented with Hackintoshing on this rig several times with varying amounts of success, but I am no noob to the process. I have 3 SSD's in my PC (Windows 10, Ubuntu, and hopefully macOS), and now I am having issues starting the USB installer made with Unibeast while...
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    No audio after sleep 10.11.3 GA-Z97X-UD5H ALC1150

    That worked! This is fantastic, thank you very much.
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    No audio after sleep 10.11.3 GA-Z97X-UD5H ALC1150

    Alright, so after using iMac 14,2 my audio would not work at all until I installed CodecCommander, and now the audio is still not working after sleep, but it's a bit different. Before, if I put my computer to sleep it would immediately lose sound. Now, if I put the computer to sleep and wake it...
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    No audio after sleep 10.11.3 GA-Z97X-UD5H ALC1150

    MacPro3,1 which is what I believe I have always used.
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    No audio after sleep 10.11.3 GA-Z97X-UD5H ALC1150

    No audio after sleep is an issue that I have been fighting since I built this rig, and it seems I'm not alone. When I ran this build on Yosemite with Chimera I was able to get this to work, and I was able to get this working on El Capitan initially before the big Multibeast update, but now I'm...
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    USB installer reboots during loading

    I saw this as I was leaving for work and only got one chance to try it. I'm newer to clover (used Chimera for quite a while) and I added the nv_disable=1 boot args to the options in clover (which I believe was the proper thing to do) and I booted with the USB port in the back of my computer...
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    USB installer reboots during loading

    [SOLVED] USB installer reboots during loading Hello all! So for various reasons I have been wanting to reinstall OS X on my system, but I'm having some issues I haven't seen before. I would like to be clear before I start though. I have previously installed OS X on this system, in fact I am...
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    GA-Z97X-UD5H ALC1150 - El Capitan - losing audio after sleep

    Ever since I built this rig I have had problems with losing audio after sleep, but so far I have been able to solve it with one of two solutions: either installing RehabMan's CodecCommander kext, or editing my DSDT with MaciASL to make the XWAK method return 0. However, recently it seems like...
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    Dual boot OS X and Arch Linux with Clover?

    This alone did not seem to help at all. I actually accidentally did the exact thing this morning by reinstalling Antergos and setting my EFI partition to the same one that OS X was using (without formatting of course). Antergos boots fine, and the files are there as they should be on the OS X...
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    Dual boot OS X and Arch Linux with Clover?

    BUMP I updated the OP with hopefully more useful information. Thanks again in advanced.
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    Dual boot OS X and Arch Linux with Clover?

    Dual boot OS X and Antergos Linux with Clover? I recently reinstalled Arch Linux in UEFI mode onto a separate SSD with a GPT partition scheme and I am having issues getting it to show up in Clover. I followed this Arch Wiki article and swapped out the...
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    Can't extract DSDT for audio fix - No nodes found

    I think I picked the wrong patch initially. After I selected the correct mobo it appears to compile, and the sound after sleep seems to be working. Thanks for your help.