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    Atheros was dropped in Mojave - What is the Fixed?

    I did this and now my Mojave OS will not boot. Just endless reboot cycle now. EDIT: Fixed, was related to booting from my USB as apposed to being ready to boot from the SSD.
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    Wifi not working after updating to Mojave

    Per insulintype1's instructions, after finally finding the 1080211Family.kext, I did what he said with the AirportAtheros40.kext, and ran the command in Terminal, and it still doesn't work. EDIT: Ah, it should say kextcache not kextchache in your terminal command. Now it worked, thanks.
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    Cannot Install - Multiple Inconsistent Problems - Tried for Days

    Cannot get my High Sierra to install. I am doing a clean install, have tried multiple USB sticks with a variety of combinations of kexts, bootflags and other settings with Clover Configurator...for example tried with or without USB injector and ownership, with or without npci=0x2000, or...
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    macOS could not be installed on your computer. An error occured while loading the installer resources. MOJAVE.

    I'm having the same problem. Only the USB stick, mouse/keyboard attached and the formatted SSD I'm installing to. Seems like a pretty enormous problem to have if people are following the installation guide perfectly and then running into this lol. Literally defeats the entire concept of a...
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    How Hard to Upgrade from 4930k to E5-2687W v2

    I have a x79 system, with a Rampage IV Black Edition, and a Intel 4930k. I want to put a Xeon processor in, like the E5-2687W v2 8-core processor, or maybe even the 10-core Xeon for that chipset. How difficult will this be? Can I just swap em and double check BIOS settings, or will Clover get...
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    [SOLVED] Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080/1070

    God I can't believe the drivers are still not out lol lol lol! I've been checking this monthly, still not out, oh my god. Nvidia really pooped their pants on this one. I know a lot of you are going to HATE HATE HATE me for saying that, you know the whole, "the NERVE of that guy, that company has...
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    [SOLVED] Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080/1070

    Can't wait for the drivers. I am wondering if someone might be able to point me in the right direction for some help updating Clover. I saw and read the post about updating to OS Sierra by updating Clover first, but I am a little confused. When I was installing El Capitan I was having some...
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    Simple Plug n Play USB Audio Device for OS X

    Unfortunately a USB device does not show up in the sound preferences.
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    Simple Plug n Play USB Audio Device for OS X

    None of em worked.
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    Simple Plug n Play USB Audio Device for OS X

    The Behringer and Sorbent didn't work...
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    Boot Loop With El Capitan Installation - Can't Boot install

    Hello, Every time I try to boot from my USB stick in Clover, I get the apple logo, and right as the status bar comes up, my system resets. I have been in various posts looking for answers, I checked the big list of answers on El Capitan install problems, I tried tons of boot flags recommended...
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    Moving from Chameleon to Clover on a working 10.10.x system

    Hello, So did you complete steps 1 and 2 of the main installation guide listed on tonymacx, or is there another guide to creating a working USB clover drive? The reason I ask is the installation guide doesn't directly mention clover much at all, just unibeast and multibeast. Please let me know...