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    Recent upgrade to Mojave - Gt 630 glitchy graphics?

    I tried a GT 640 on Mojave. It had text that had missing pixels , notch look , and graphics look lower in resolution. I pulled it and put a GT120 back in. The GT 640 was needed just for installation. Gt 640 is Kepler. I have a GT630 and it is Fermi. I am trying it next. Otherwise time for a...
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    Suggestions for replacing an old GeForce GT 640 that works with Mojave

    My GT 640 gives impaired graphics but after install replaced with a GT120from apple and that works but not for install. It seems a DP is needed. Also some 600 series are kepler and some Fermi and i don't know how to tell the chipset
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    Suggestions for replacing an old GeForce GT 640 that works with Mojave

    I have a Galaxy GT 640 .. it worked to install but graphics had notched edges and gaps as well as text .. What drivers are you using ?
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    Explaining OS X El Capitan Security Changes - Workarounds and Current Information

    a similar problem occurs with mac pro 1.1 and el capitan ... would post link if useful but I worry about breaking rules. there is a script to swap boot files after install ...
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    Video card problem

    ok why Mountain could go to Yosemite.... Later versions of OS always support more cards... You could try nvidia drivers. BUT have a backup or you may end up with black screen and no way to fix it... Make sure you have the right nvidia driver if you go that route... Display ports...
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    Yosemite on IMac

    Your video card prevents proper working of yosemite a 7300 gt is defunct for anything beyond lion. There are no kexts to fake it. If Snow will not go cd..check cd or make an apple installer on usb stick. ( this is all over the to make stick ).. Do not use Tonymac software... there...
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    Name the Next OS X (10.11)

    I do not know about Apple,but Microsoft judging by Windows 10 should be called Jellystone (Yogi Bear). So many things have been lifted from Yosemite and do not work. They even have a start screen that is a sloppy drawing of either a mountain or sand dune. More apropos they have a picture in...
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    Apple Introduces iMacBook: World's First 27" 5K Retina Laptop [April Fools]

    Apple Introduces iMacBook: World's First 27" 5K Retina Laptop Yes this is big news...but another piece of news is Apple will flash your video card for free so any pc can run OS X..
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    Apple Announces 'Spring Forward' Press Event for March 9th

    Apple is buying Tesla...LOL...
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    New EFI chip in MacPro 2,1

    Try if it was feasible he might know. He flashes pc vid cards to run on mac. Frequently contributes to piker alpha. Also makes bt /wireless cards ... I really doubt this as if it did work you would hear a lot about it.
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    Kernel Builder Anywhere ?

    K(ernal) + EXT (ension) = kext.... During install process you are extending the kernel. Adding extensions. You are not working from source code where you are essentially doing a conditional assembly of compiled code. Linux ... Mac Hacking is more like chopping with an axe sometimes. Or...
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    Using an iMac case for a build?

    the g5 iMacs have been done several times and one build is forum... I have not seen one like yours here... Using the screen and original switches would be tricky... There is plenty of room in the case to do what you want to do... Not for amateurs or casual builders...
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    Using HDMI port

    Just plug it in and see. I have had real macs with mini display or mini dvi plugged into HDMI TV or DVI monitors. (need hdmi dvi adapter if using dvi ) Not always happy with results. Borders,plugging and unplugging monitor,overscan etc.. which one is primary monitor etc.. On hacks I actually...
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    Running OS X off an external SSD in a USB enclosure

    USB 3 runs at 5 gb/sec... sata iii runs at 6gb/sec... theoretical limits speed of ssd is limited by usb to less than internal so why would you do this.. Thunderbolt would do the trick but $$$$...
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    2 x 4K monitor on a Hackintosh?

    Cards for gt 630 and gt 540 are in my hacks and real Mac Pro.. They only go to IPS range 2560 X ?? Unless your card has some dual link stuff going for it.. You need a card that is 4K ready..check out Tony Macs shopping list... I can get 2560 X running no problem