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    2013 Mac Pro Announced at WWDC

    This is bad that there is no hardware expansion slots for Hackintosh!!! This means that future OS will have to support less hardware!!!
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    gaming GPU's

    I am running an Nvidia GTI 560 TI with a Core 5 and it plays pretty much everything pretty clearly with a 2 monitor setup.
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    Report: Intel to kill off socket CPUs with Broadwell

    This is going to make Hacintosh tougher... Intel plan to no longer make replaceable CPUs. So if we can only buy motherboards from Intel...... Or we have less processor choices.... How...
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    Attention ALC888B Users

    Great thread needs to be updated for Lion 10.7.x Lost an MB and was running Snow Leapoard. Replaced with a 55m-S2h F7 and purchased Lion but after clean install found out I hd the dreaded ALC888b. Used your thread here to diagnose the problem. Sound device would never show up. Fixed it with...
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    Hackintosh Working GB H55 USB3 Micro ATX board (not Mini)

    Motherboard died after 60 days, Amazon gave me full credit and sent an RMA for it. Now I need to find another Micro form factor board for my Hackintosh setup......
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    GIGABYTE GA-H55M-USB3 LGA 1156 will it work?

    My GA-H55M-USB3 H55 LGA1156 died in my Hackintosh after about 60 days. Amazon no longer sells it in that form factor. (Micro ATX) because they have had a lot of them returned for giving up the ghost. Amazon gave me a refund and an RMA, good place to buy your gear.
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    First Mac mini build

    Re: First Mac mini build (Micro) I built a bigger Mini, used the Micro ATX board - GB H55 -USB and a Micro case. I used the Silver Stone case and 450 WATT power supple. I bought the extra cross over fan for the case as well. The Micro ATX board and 2 PCIe and 2 PCI slots and will fit 4 RAM...
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    instal failed, restart and no snow leopard in iboot pls help

    When you get to the install are you hitting Enter or F5 to install the OS?
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    Hackintosh Working GB H55 USB3 Micro ATX board (not Mini)

    Was following the life hacker guide for the Hack Mini build but the board was not available on amazon. Went with the bigger GB H55 USB 3 board with 4 mem slots and 2 PCI and 2 PCIe. My board had an F11 bios, crossed my fingers and used the F7 bios DSDT from the database and it seemed to work...