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    Any Retina QHD QHD+ High Res laptops successfully running OSX?

    Has this changed at all yet? been 2 years now and would love to get this ultrabook with HD4400 working.
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    Stork's Gene Build > ASUS MAXIMUS VIII GENE Z170 - i5-6600K - MSI Vega 56

    Its an inverted mount which is actually better for your PCIe cards. With inverted cases the GFX cards face up so heat moves up and away from the components where regular cases have them upside down with the heat rising into the chips themselves making heat dissipation harder.
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    Does Apple's Thunderbolt Display work with hackintosh?

    GFX cards do NOT have thunderbolt ports so no TB display will work on them. Your mobo must have a real TB port or a special TB addon card made for your mobo to use a TB ACD display.
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    iTunes 11.1.3 Video not playing (SD/HD/DRM Content) - solved?

    Series 6 (Sandy Bridge) has never been an issue, only Ivy+.
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    HD530 stuck

    There is no proper HD530 support yet as no Mac uses it. Be patient and support will come.
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    ViDock or similar eGPU possibilities

    I use TB2 for mine so have no issues but did have to edit the gfx kexts to add TB support.
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    Gigabyte GA-Z87X-UD7-TH - Thunderbolt 2.0 Testing

    Thunderbolt on hacks won't show as Thunderbolt. So, OS X will not see it as such. Therefore, it only works on real macs, sorry.
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    where can I get the graphical interface maciasl program?

    Why are you linking to rehabmans version when this is SJs app, goto
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    Good news for x99 10.11 [Haswell E - El Capitan]

    Good news for x99 10.11 That GB score seems kind of low for a 6 core, i seen the i7-4790k do 22k.
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    Burn support - what am I missing?

    Ummm its only a BD reader but is definitely a DVD writer.
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    Testing Thread: Skylake Platform in OS X

    Next mac mini is scheduled to be broadwell actually.
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    AirPlay not available in itunes

    Just to note, you do need a working iGPU to have working AirPlay.
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    Testing Thread: Skylake Platform in OS X

    haha funny RM, we are talking about hacks here not macs but anyhow, I been telling people to use a PCIe SATA card for over 2 weeks now maybe longer. 10.11.2 does not fix the SATA or USB issues, also NVMe PC SSDs do not work however using an Apple PCIe NVMe in a Apple to M.2 adapter does work and...
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    SAMSUNG SM951 (MZHPV128HDGM-00000) Limited read speed

    Not a BIOS problem at all, in fact a LOT of series 9 mobos only do 2x for M.2 or even 4x but at 2.0. GA says his is only 10gb so def not a 4x @ 3.0
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    WonkeyDonkey's Steambox Pro - Z87E-ITX - Core i7 4770S - GTX 760 Gaming ITX

    I have said this over a week ago now, Injector not needed if you simply just remove unused ports from DSDT. No one listens to me though. As for that clover patch to bypass the USB port minit, use at your own risk, it's not a good hack nor a good idea. BTW, you don't need to rename...