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    Tired of Windows - Going hackintosh. Anything to look out for with my system?

    Hello, I`m so sick of windows, with all the updates and ****, and i really miss my macbook. So i thought, hell, why not just attempt to hackintosh my desktop in hope for a close to stock system, which works perfectly. But, after all I have not done this in years. Last time was on a AMD chip...
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    GameSalad or Corona SDK?

    Hello, i want to start making applications for the App Store on iDevices. So i was wondering what you would suggest, i want to get into making apps for earnings later on in life as well but im not a very big fan of the programming part. Would i get as good games with these studios as i would...
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    Im Fresh With The Hackingtosh Project!

    Thanks for the head up, and sorry for posting wrong. Edit: I get a Double Panic When i install here is some of it panic(CPu 3 caller 0x4785f2):"Process 1 exec of /sbim/launchd failed, errno 5/n"@/users/nawcom/desktop/xnu-1486.2.11/bsd.kern/kern_exec.c:3135 Debugger called: <panic>...
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    Im Fresh With The Hackingtosh Project!

    Heya! Im starting this project again after several months as a Windows user. Last time i did this project i managed to Install Mac osx snow leopard and i got the graphics+Internet to work, but no sound so i went back to windows and never tried again. And now i'm back because i want to start...