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    Big Sur 11.1 with OpenCore (With some cheating :-) ) on HP Pavilion AIO. SUCCESS

    After some nights struggling with the "install bootloop" because of the lack of a working NVRAM setup, I ripped out my SSD connected it to my son's Macbook air and updated his laptop running Mojave to the connected SSD. Then I placed the EFI folder from my USB Catalina installer in the EFI...
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    Second Monitor not working:

    Life is all about making choices... ;-) , I have Imac14,4 configured now, If I go back to 14,3, I'm not able to move to Big Sur.
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    Intel HD4600 & Catalina

    Hi, Did you got any further on this issue? I see you have as much reactions as I often get..... None :( My issue is, that when booting with HDMI attaches, It stuck on IOConsoleUsers: gIOScreenLockState 3, hs0 , bs0, now, sm 0x0. When I unplug HDMI it boots and I can plugin the HDMI connector and...
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    OpenCore success with Graphic issue

    Hi, Not sure if this really a post install issue, but I give it a try. :) As still fresh on the "Hackingtosh front" I started of with Clover, Uni/Multi Beast, etc. about 8 weeks ago, a lot of hassle to get stuff work and never able to upgrade to the latest Catalina. Last Friday removed...
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    Low brightness after Wakeup

    Hi, I'm quite new to "Hackingtoshing" and just managed to re-install Mojave (had Catalina, too much issues) on a HP Pavilion AIO PC with a i5-4460T (with Intel® HD Graphics 4600) and 12G Ram.My issue for this moment (there are more ;-)) is, that when my PC "wakes up", my screen brightness is...
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    Ethernet connected but no internet.

    Had same problem, changed settings to WPA2_PKS_TKIP, I could reach internet and router, then changed back to WPA2_PKS_AES and it stayed connected.
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    Second Monitor not working:

    Hi all, No idea if this info is usefull. My second monitor on HDMI was at first not responding. I did a lot of experimenting with adding different .ketx's, changed settings in config.plist. At a certain point my monitor showed some activity, it showed some scrambled Apple logo's, so I did more...
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    [SOLVED] Stuck at IOConsoleUsers

    Step further, enabled palette snoop in Bios, now when I plugin my HDMI the second monitor works. but still hanging on same message when plugged in HDMI while booting
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    [SOLVED] Stuck at IOConsoleUsers

    Hi Guys/Girls, I have also the same phenomenon. After a successful upgrade from Mojave to Catalina 10.15.7 (following the install/upgrade guided after a hang installed the SSDT-EC.aml), the upgrade had some headaches but almost everything works. But since the upgrade my secondary monitor does...
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    Devices (apple keyboard Magic Mouse) not connecting, Mojave

    Hi, I'm new to Hackingtosh and even newer to this Forum. I successfully installed Mojave on a HP Pavilion AIO. I already bought a supported WiFi USB adapter that works. Issue for now is my bluetooth. at first I installed the BrcmFirmwareRepo.kext and BrcmPatchRAM2.kext, that didn't work...