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    Macintosh Classic II - 9,7” conversion-

    I am not sure I would discount the option in MacOS. I think I have seen it before, but it depends on the display. I believe it is an option on most "television" type displays. They may have the overscan option or actual pixels. I think this is only available on HDMI inputs though. It does...
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    Macintosh Classic II - 9,7” conversion-

    I am not sure how that will look with a bunch of cables coming out the front under the display. Have a look at my thread for making my own rear plate. My back plate from this thread
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    Your First Computer

    The first one I owned with my own money was also the Coleco Adam.
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    Hack Space

    @craighazan you called it! Borderline hoarding. Sorry, my small bedroom used as a workspace has 3 desks, a file cabinet full of parts, and old dresser, and a couple of stand up shelves, and 20+ hack projects (yes, more than 20 hackintosh projects). My primary desk where I do my planning...
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    How secure are your passwords ?

    Shredding is secure, but it impedes my dreams of e-waste recycling.
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    I need help about my build

    It might work, but it is on par with the HD4600 graphics in the CPU.
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    need help about my build

    Yes, the uhd630 is better than a GT710, but it depends on whether your CPU has the iGPU available or not.
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    EVGA GT 710 2GB DDR3 for $43.59 - An alternative to sky high AMD graphics card prices

    The Ethereum DAG file reached 4Gb in December 2020, so mining ETH with 4GB cards is no longer possible. There are some shady workarounds with diminishing returns. The prices of 4GB cards should not be affected as miners should be buying 6Gb or greater cards.
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    EVGA GT 710 2GB DDR3 for $43.59 - An alternative to sky high AMD graphics card prices

    And the VGA port does work on these, even in Catalina. I use the VGA to drive the display in my Macintosh Classic II Color+ Conversion.
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    Mac mini in G4 Cube?

    1. The old mac mini with acrylic/alum easily fits inside, and the power brick should fit with it as well. 2. The newer alum only mini has the power supply inside, and the case is equal or slightly larger than a cube acryllic, so you would have to gut the mini to fit it inside the cube. I...
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    Hackintosh Xeon E5 v3 or V4 ES sample dual or single?

    I have an e5-2696 v3 (18 core) on a mini-ITX with R9 Nano, 600w PSU. The build of my Mac Pro Jr. is here. Single core benchmarks are sorta lame (2.3Ghz), I love the multicore. I primarily use it to transcode, as the recent handbrake will max out all my cores. I am running Catalina and Mojave...
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    Sony Vaio Z Series - cannot install macOS anymore

    Maybe your install media cert expired on 1 Jan 2021? High Sierra support ends in 2021. Try rolling your bios date back. Before you install, set the clock on the Mac to a date when the certificate was valid, perform the install, and then reset the date back after installation. To change the...
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    Mac mini / Cube tribute

    I have never used a pico. But if you go with the dual, I have used one of these to sync (turn on) two power supplies at once. It just links the 'on' pins to both PSUs. Based on that, you could probably just hotwire (solder) them together on your own.
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    Mac mini / Cube tribute

    If you need a monster, this 600w Flex will fit inside a standard Apple Cube, with Mini-ITX motherboard and ITX length GPU. I used this one in my Mac Pro Jr. e5-2696v3 (18 core) mini-ITX and R9 Nano that draws 350w on its own.
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    Mac mini / Cube tribute

    Yes, I have one that does not power on. I have not done any troubleshooting with it yet, so I don't know the extent of if it is really damaged, or maybe I am doing something wrong. I will have to have a 2nd look at it. On eBay, log in, search, then save the search. Go under your saved...