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    How to add SSD to Mojave/Catalina?

    SOLVED: Apparently, there are two "GSATA" ports on this board, which is some kind of Gigabyte's proprietary SATA standard. Avoid those and everything will be fine. It was the actual source of many HDD-related issues on my Hackintosh for years, because I had my system disk connected to one of...
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    How to add SSD to Mojave/Catalina?

    Hi all, I was successfully running Mojave for 2 years and smoothly updated to Catalina two days ago thanks to this community. While still running Mojave, I've added 2 SSD drives to my preexisting 3 HDDs. Immediately I've got this problem: after shutdown/reboot the system get stuck at BIOS at...
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    Solved > Screen Freeze / black screen after wake

    Brilliant! Works here too. "I can wake form sleep normally" is on my next T shirt :clap:
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    Solved > Update Directly to Mojave Didn't Work

    Clover failed to update here.
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    Solved > Update Directly to Mojave Didn't Work

    Unibeast for vanilla install won't load either.
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    Solved > Update Directly to Mojave Didn't Work

    Hi, I've tried to update from Sierra 10.12.6. I've cloned my system disk to another with Carbon. Run Clover update, then Mojave update. Mojave update went well, but the Clover bootloader still shows the old version, the one I had before with Sierra. Now, the new install does not show in boot...
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    [SUCCESS] Sierra on GA-Z87X-UD4H | i7 4790K | HD 4600

    Update. For all using a similar configuration: do not use Migration Assistant, it might kill your new system, as it did to mine. Got panics and stuff, had to re-install the vanilla after a format. Pain. I also had problems with internet Intel kext, which died each time after sleep mode. I use...
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    [SUCCESS] Sierra on GA-Z87X-UD4H | i7 4790K | HD 4600

    Unibeast/Multibeast didn't work for me somehow, neither update nor vanilla installation. I've made a clover USB. Although, many guides recommend Legacy settings for GA 8 boards, it didn't work for my setup. Uefi installation went smoothly with a provided here config.plist and with replacing of...
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    Clover does not detect the hdd

    Hello, Similar problem here: the first part of installation with Unibeast goes smoothly, but on reboot there's no High Sierra boot entry available, only the installation. How to fix it? Thanks My main system install.
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    [SUCCESS!!!] Gigabyte Z87Z-UD4H + Intel 4790k + GTX 660TI - Yosemite Install

    Thanks for sharing! I have the exact HW config as yours even simpler - I use internal Intel 4600 and SATA, no ssd. Maverick is running just fine. I use Clover to boot. I played a bit with installing Yosi to a new partition, but was not able to complete the installation after the first reboot...
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    [SUCCESS!] ASUS z97-PRO(Wi-fi ac) - Core i7-4790k - EVGA GTX 760

    Hello! Do you think it will be smarter to invest in Asus Z97 , if I don't need audio, BT and WiFi? Would it be much difficult to install OSX then? I have to decide this week. There's an opportunity to replace the current MB. Thanks