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    Optiplex 3070 i3 9100 Graphic Issue

    @coralding Are you connecting with DP or HDMI?
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    Dell Optiplex 3060 MFF (micro) i3 8100T Mojave 10.14.6 install

    Hi, Working on something a tiny bit different here: a 3070 Micro (10.5.5, my 6th or 7th hack, stopped counting), but I made great progress based on Fungcie’s steps here. For example bootx64.efi method from #2, went smooth although there is a typo in it: setup_var 0x8DC 0x2 should be setup_var...
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    Audio - HDMI Audio AppleHDA [Guide]

    I'll try and get my hands on one of those. I'll update. I have just 1 HDMI port on this card (along with 1 DVI and 1 DP)
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    Audio - HDMI Audio AppleHDA [Guide]

    Gigabyte GTX 1050 Ti OC 4g Rev 1.0 IOReg/HDMI display connected attached
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    Audio - HDMI Audio AppleHDA [Guide]

    DP connected is the one I use and sent. (I used HDMI during install only - I believe, per instructions)
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    Audio - HDMI Audio AppleHDA [Guide]

    Good tip! Corrected.
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    Audio - HDMI Audio AppleHDA [Guide]

    Hi Toleda, I tried, again and again, but I still can't see the reason, need your help, please: Description of HDMI audio problem System audio works fine (green/SPDIF), but unable to get HDMIAudio (nor DPAudio) for some reason… Oh, and why it is in Spanish, not a clue… macOS...
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    [SUCCESS]Lion 10.7:i3 2100/ZOTAC H67ITX-C-E/Sparkle GT430

    Hi, I have the same MB (Zotac H67ITX-C-E), basically everything is working. One detail though: I get all temps but no fan speed whatsoever in iStat. Do you ? If so, any idea why/not ? Thx guys, O.