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    GTX card firmware update

    Hi forum, I am thinking about the GTX card firmware update for the displayport (1.3 and 1.4) As I might be using DP 1.4 soon. I can boot into Windows so updating is no problem. I'm just concerned that it will affect my OS setup which works great. The card I have is a Zotac 1080TI Any...
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    Network card not working anymore intelMausiEthernet kext not working?

    Hi, I had a perfect running system with my Nvidia 1080TI. Now I wanted to move the EFI partition to another drive and now it won't boot anymore with the Nvidia drivers and LAN port at the same time. I had this before and had a simple way of installing intelMausiEthernet 2.4 and then everything...
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    After Update Problems with Network and Icloud

    Hi Forum, Hopefully someone can help me. After I booted into windows yesterday I could not get my bootpartition with osx to boot anymore. I had to reinstall the nvidia driver but now my onboard network adapter is not recognized anymore. Also when I want to log into Icloud it says Device not...
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    1080 TI only 5mb?? HELP needed (Can't load Nvidia drivers anymore)

    Hi Forum, I had a great running system with a Nvidia 1080 TI Until now!!! I did some updates on a separate Windows harddrive (Also an Geforce graphics update there) and after that my OSX wouldn' boot the NV Webdrivers anymore. System preferences comes up with CUDA: no card installed. I did...
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    Using patch in Clover configurator text box

    Hi forum, I need to patch Intel ICH10 into my system to have hot swap on my drives. It is this code: <dict> <key>Comment</key> <string>fix IO error ICH10 for 10.13, credit SunKi</string> <key>Disabled</key> <false/>...
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    High Sierra. Hdd's are no hot plug capable anymore.

    Hi thanks for finding this. But I don't know at all how to install this code to my Hackmac. I use clover configurator and a plist editor. Do I copy and paste this anywhere? Is it in the text mode section of clover configurator? I have different text in the text mode. Where exactly does this...
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    macOS 10.13.5 Update

    It won't let me update directly to 10.13.6 so I try to do this first. What does this mean?: For the USB3 Do I replace everything in the config file with this? or where do I put the code? Thanks, oger UPDATE: I...
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    High Sierra. Hdd's are no hot plug capable anymore.

    I notice the exact same thing. Very sad, because it was real useful to be able to activate and deactivate disks or CD-drives. Any one knows a reason or a solution for this?
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    No more hot plugging (S-ata) under HS

    does any one else experience this: Switching on power to S-ata drives would activate them until Sierra with no problems. (Of course Hot pl. is enabled in bios) With HS I have to reboot in order to have the drives show up. (with and without the Supplemental update)
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    Sierra lags after upgrade from El cap

    after a clean install fo Sierra and migration from a time machine backup of my system from el cap I experience these little annoying mouse lags and a lot slower system performance. I attached my ioreg if that helps. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    System quite laggy

    I did a clean install of Sierra and migrated all Programs and settings from El capitan. It runs good but I see a lot more lagging and cpu usage than with El Cap. The overall responsiveness of the system is not as good. I have 24 gig ram which the system uses up quite fast, but I don't think...
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    Little hangs (pointer lags) when under Load in Sierra

    Can I reopen this thread to "not solved"? My problem reoccurred. I attached my ioreg. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    Little hangs (pointer lags) when under Load in Sierra

    Hey thanks for the tip, but the problem appearently solved itself. I used the machine for a few days and rebootet several times as well. Maybe the system just nedded to "settle"
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    Little hangs (pointer lags) when under Load in Sierra

    I installed Sierra to a new Drive (got it running with Nvidia driver) and migrated everything from El Capitan. Worked really well. No issues. The only Problem I have is these microfreezes when the system is under load (even a small load but doing something) This lags the mouse and is a little...
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    [SOLVED] Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080/1070

    But will it be supported?