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    New Clover Release v5.1 r5123/4/5/6/7 - Big Sur Support

    I did some digging, and found a solution. Have to reinstall Big Sur, and then boot from the preboot partition. Now I can finally download and update everything.
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    New Clover Release v5.1 r5123/4/5/6/7 - Big Sur Support

    Same. For some reason App store downloads and updates are stuck.
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    Weird Big Sur Installation Result > Comments?

    So, I could finally update to Big Sur. But the strangest thing happened. After the first reboot, the progress bar didn't move at all, and it didn't give me any indication how long i have left. So i gave it a good 15-20 minutes and after that I reset the computer. I booted into the OS and voilá...
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    Screewed up my installation with latest Clover build

    Thank you, I spent hours being stuck and figuring out what to do about it. *virtual handshake
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    Update Directly to macOS Big Sur

    Same, I don't have that option either, and for some reason my Clover won't update to 5126 either. I'm getting tired of it but too lazy to go OC.
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    Installer Gives Me Errors and Hangs > Help

    Stuck on the same. Also tried updating clover with the Clover configurator, but when i boot, the version is shown to be 5119. Any ideas? The clover instal log shows the version to be 5126.
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    fenvi t919 Catalina

    not sure if you are responding to me or OP. i was mostly curious about the speed, if that improved for OP. i have no issues with the country code or Airdrop but the speed. I have read that the card should be working with no kext in Catalina. Also, worth mentioning that the card performs the...
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    fenvi t919 Catalina

    sorry to bring this relatively old thread back to life, but i'm curious if the 1200 card solved your problem
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    Fenvi HB1200 wifi card slow wifi speed

    Hi all. Just installed my brand new fenvi hb1200 card, and I can't believe how slow the wifi is now.Before the card, i used a TP link dongle, and on 5GHz it could easily go above 150+Mbps.My original speed is 200 Mbps and my mackbook pro hits 188Mbps from the same spot as the hackintosh. Am I...
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    macOS 10.15.6 Supplemental Update

    I’m experiencing the same, it became very slow. Also it takes me 2-3 tries to start the program as it crashes as soon as it opens. Really annoying
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    macOS 10.15.6 Supplemental Update

    I tried using the regular Software update, but the Install Mac OS disk is not showing up. Haven't updated kext or anything, probably have to do it tomorrow to see if it works that way.
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    Success - Z370-HD3 i5-8600K - Sapphire Nitro+ rx 580 Build

    Components: Gigabyte Z370-HD3 Motherboard - bought it on Ebay for a decent price Intel Core i5-8600K...
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    Stuck at PCI configuration end

    aah bootflag okay. I ended up trying it, but didn't work. Thank you tho
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    Stuck at PCI configuration end

    I'm not sure where to insert this. Can you please help me out?
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    FIX for boot hangs after BIOS update (ACPI PATCH)

    So i have used this patch to install my OS, but i must have wrecked something because now i'm stuck on PCI configuration again.