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    Solved > Blocked on OS X 10.11.6 & Clover r4586

    just in case someone ends up on that thread, I just added AsAmiShim.efi in EFI/EFI/CLOVER/drivers64UEFI to make my keyboard operational, as well as the standards EFI files for encrypted drives in Clover Configurator.
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    [READ ME FIRST!] Graphics Setup & Troubleshooting

    Dear hackintosh experts, I am unsure when this occured, but I am pretty sure it was after the latest high sierra update. Prior to that, my GTX 1060 was working smoothly with nvidia web drivers and acceleration enabled. But now, it's not. I can still access my mac through screen sharing, and I...
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    Solved > Blocked on OS X 10.11.6 & Clover r4586

    Hi all, I have been there for a while, and I admit I haven't practiced a lot recently, so I need your help. Here is the case. My main drive is encrypted with filevault I applied Clover r4586 update And in the same time... I applied OSX 10.11.6 update. Because of clover I went into a...
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    [SOLVED] Clover Update r4586 disables OS Boot (Black Screen)

    Excellent post thank you! Do you know if I will be able to access the backups if I enabled FileVault? My understanding is that since it’s enceypted îm screwed with the backups? Or is it a separate non-encrypted partition? I’m gonna work on that tomorrow ^^
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    KP with Airplay troubleshooting

    Hi all! I would like to discuss Airplay with you guys because the behaviour of my build is somehow mega strange. I use CLOVER. Here's the build: Core i5-4690K - 3,5Ghz (3,4-3,9) GIGABYTE GA-Z87X-OC EVGA GeForce GTX 760 SSD SAMSUNG 250Go TP-Link TL-WDN4800 Dual Band Wireless N900 PCI Exp When I...
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    Best system definition?

    Good idea, thanks! but then how do you know iMac 14,2 = Imac late 2012 let's say? I should try every of them or there is some kind of reference somewhere? PS: in iMac 14,2 my airplay just makes my computer crash when I activate. I'll open a new thread on this matter.
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    Best system definition?

    Hi everyone! I wonder what's the best way to determine which system definition a build should go? In my build, MP 3,1 works ok, doesn't crash, but airplay is mega slow (like 200ms ping @ 15 fps) I tried iMac 13,1 and 14,1 and 13,2 but the system is less stable. In 13,1 airplay is working fine...
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    Clover how to change system definition

    Hi, Thanks for the quick fix! It worked! I've updated my profile, here's my build: Core i5-4690K - 3,5Ghz (3,4-3,9) GIGABYTE GA-Z87X-OC Crucial Ballistix Tactical Tracer (2x4GB) DDR3 1600 C9 EVGA GeForce GTX 760 SSD SAMSUNG 250Go Asus Black 16X DVD TP-Link TL-WDN4800 Dual Band Wireless N900 PCI...
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    Clover how to change system definition

    hi. I was trying to fix some AirPlay issue (mostly lags when video sharing) by changing my system definition from mp 3,1 to mp 4,1 I'm using clover and El Capitan. But since I made this change I have a kernel panic and can't find a way to rollback my system definition to 3.1. Any advice? I...
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    Dropbox Crash

    sorry to dig that old post out but... I do have crash/freeze issues and I am pretty sure it is due to Dropbox. I have repaired access rights and still the issue. Yosemite 10.10.2 here ... any suggestion?
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    GA-Z87X-OC Onboard graphics problem

    Hi, I have a z87x-oc and a EVGA GTX760 and can't make the graphic card work... Would you be kind enough to read this and tell me your feeling? It's an extract from my recent discussion on tonymacx with other members. Hi Lexone, I've bought a Z87X-OC and a EVGA GTX760 But I don't have any video...
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    UniBeast: Install OS X Yosemite on Any Supported Intel-based PC

    will try this out as soon as my configuration is fully working :)
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    Chimera 4.0 Update

    I love the job you're doing
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    UniBeast 5.0 Update

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    MultiBeast 7.0 Update

    awesome :)