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    Security of high sierra as of today

    Is the system usable without the dedicated GPU for dev work and browsing? Any recommendations for a guide I can use to upgrade? :) How big is the risk that the upgrade fails and destroys my system? Is the upgrade to 10.13.6 a low-risk one? I can not risk to shoot my production system right now...
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    Security of high sierra as of today

    Hey everybody, I am currently stuck on high sierra (10.13.4) because of my nvidia GPU. I am waiting for the next m1 device and was not planning on upgrading my hackintosh anymore. However, the latest mac security patch 11.6 made me think. What are the vulnerabilities I am facing with my...
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    Upgrading from High Sierra. Is my build compatible?

    Hey everybody. My current (very stable) high sierra build hast the following parts: - ASRock z370 pro4 - i5-8600k - EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 - Samsung 960 m.2 PCIe ssd I installed high sierra two years ago using clover / MultiBeast. I don't really know what I have installed using MultiBeast back...