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    Will the MSI Z87I motherboard be compatible for hackintosh?

    I'm facing some problem with booting option on the same mother board my config is : 1) INTEL CORE I5 4th Gen 4440 2) MB MSI Z87i Gaming ac 3) 4 GB DDR3 Hyper x Fury edition 1866 Mhz 4) 500 Gb Hdd toshiba i'm unable to boot even to the install screen i have already tried using...
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    Guide - OS X 10.8.5 onto Haswell MSI-Z87M-G43

    Hello Neil ! Thank for the guide, It was very helpful , I have installed OSX 10.9 using MultiBeast 6.2.1 with help of your guide on MSI Z87-G43 motherboard, and I have got everything ok , except there is booting issue ,every time I have to boot with sting PCIRootUID=0 dart=0 any...
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    Stays at loading screen- ML on MSI Z77A-G45

    After reading review on Z77A-G45, decided to use this one for my next system. Downloaded Mod Bios from (Link: and successfully upgraded bios versin from 2.0 to 2.7(moded) Following is my configuration...
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    H61M-DS2, Lion install trouble

    Hi Guys, wanted to prepare a entry level hackintosh, so chose following components: 1. Gigaybyte H61M-DS2 rev 2.2/Bios F7 2. Intel G620 3. 4 GB Rip jaw Gskill 4. 500 GB WD I tried nVidia G520(1GB, Forsa) was not successful in even getting the display, so tried various nVidia cards 210(MSI) ...
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    Booting trouble/DG41RQ

    Mb: DG41RQ GraphicCard: 9800GT RAM: 4GB/Corsair HDD: 500GB WD I've used uniboot prepared from a downloaded installer on my macbook Multibeast: 4.0.2(downloaded earlier) Did a perfect install & after rebooting choose Mac drive, ran multibeast, with >easybeast, >system util >Driver &...
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    Troubleshooting help required: Lion H67M-D2-B3 /i3, 5670

    First of all thanks all for making tonymac for this awesome blog & forum, I have been using hackintosh on my existing core i5/H55-Ud2H for almost a year now. Success of sandybridge was poking me every day to upgrade on to second generation. for My first Intel second generation build i choose...
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    I can't change monitor resolution

    Re: almost successful need a little more help Hi Fperrier, I've used same motherboard for one of my installations, being a newbie myself can't comment on what wrong are you doing, rather I'll just illustrate, what I did & things are working for me. My Motherboard was H55M-UD2H, F11, rev 1.3...
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    [Solved] Audio Problem: H55M-UD2H

    [Solved ]Re: Audio Problem: H55M-UD2H First of all "Thanks a ton" for this distinguished forum all the mod & special thanks to Humph & Burninator for taking interest & guiding newbies like me. The problem got solved finally. What is did was: Deleted already existing AppleHDA &...
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    [Solved] Audio Problem: H55M-UD2H

    Re: Audio Problem: H55M-UD2H Thanks for the reply, In fact I have tried both of them Audio>LegacyHDA>ALC889 & Audio>LegacyHDA>ALC889a In combination with with Audio>AppleHDA 10.6.4 Regards
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    [Solved] Audio Problem: H55M-UD2H

    Re: Audio Problem I was never sure of the sound my MB uses, however I just followed on of the earlier posted information by someone using same MB Please find the link below: viewtopic.php?f=54&t=3907 ________ There is an interesting inference however, after successful install, I restart my...
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    [Solved] Audio Problem: H55M-UD2H

    Hi, I'm new this forum, but a keen follower of articles posted on Followed the instructions as the link below ... -x-on.html But had few issues, not sure what wrong am I doing or may be I have skipped some guide or a pre...