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    Chimera 2.2.1 on Marvericks

    When there is no USB it skips my Mavericks hard drive and went into Windows 8 instead.
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    Chimera 2.2.1 on Marvericks

    Anyone has any issues on chimera 2.2.1 when standalone/MultiBeast install? I need to load the boot loader through UniBeast usb every time
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    UniBeast: Install OS X Mavericks on Any Supported Intel-based PC

    I'm just downloading Mavericks, it refer Free Upgrade then 'Install Now' so does it means it will download and install instead of just download only?
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    [Success] 5770 + HD4000 experience

    can show me, how did you edit your 5000controller.kext?
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    Problem installing hd5750 kexts with 10.8.3

    will this helps HD5770 if i inject this into ext files?
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    XFX HD 5770 ZNFC on 10.8.3 !!!!!

    What will it affect if my card is being flashed? Will it still recognize as Sapphire HD5770 Vapor-x in windows?
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    Kernel Panic on Boot after changing SMBios to MacPro 5.1

    How to say it's not stable? Can your HD5770 recognized correctly since first boot up?
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    radeon hd 5770 and mac x 10.8.2

    can i acknowledge how you did to enable hd5770, by default it's 'graphicsenabler=yes' or you did retype in KP?
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    Sapphire HD5770 not working in ML

    it's not working from my side, can i see your multibeast installation list? What is your current system description?
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    Sapphire HD5770 not working in ML

    HD5770 are not recognised by my system, 'Display 5 MB'. Anyone who had experiencing before please help?
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    chrismartino's iHack > Core i7-3770K | GA-Z77-DS3H | 16GB RAM | GT 640

    nice built. since you bought 2 display, did u manage to output display from single card or separated card+integrated
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    help on mute fix

    anyone know how to fix mute on Realtek ALC887/888b
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    [Clean Install Guide] ASUS P8z77-M + i5-3570K + HD4000 + Sapphire HD4870 512MB GDDR5

    i have the same board. just wanna ask did you ever try to patch the bios cap?
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    No static IP on en0 after wake (RealTek RTL8111E, Lnx2Mac's driver)

    so did you manage to get bonjour fix? there is a fix but it seems troublesome.
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    No static IP after sleep

    I enabled (Boot ROM PXE) at LAN configuration just bottom of LAN enabled.