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    Can't boot from ANYWHERE?!?

    Does "utun_start: ifnet_disable_output returned error 12" mean anything to anyone? Because that's where my boot ALMOST completely stops. It freezes one more line down with yet another ATHR unknown locale. 87.400781: ATHR: Unknown locale:21
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    Can't boot from ANYWHERE?!?

    Had a stable system for about a month after updating to elCapitan. I installed little snitch and all was well for a while. Well suddenly today little snitch says that it's cant communicate with the daemon. No problem I'll just reinstall it. So I uninstalled it and restarted my computer (as you...
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    The 660 Ti Thread: Questions and Answers Here!

    Ok heres an update. So after close examination, it seems to just be inconsistent. Sometimes it works and sometimes not. But it is dependant on the session. If it works fine during a session it will continue until I put my CPU to sleep. If it doesn't work it wont work until I put my CPU to...
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    The 660 Ti Thread: Questions and Answers Here!

    Maybe thats my issue. I'm running Mav. Everything works just fine except Final Cut for me.
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    The 660 Ti Thread: Questions and Answers Here!

    I get a very weird Flickering distortion that happens in Final Cut Pro X 10.0.9 When I add any kind of effect to the video it just starts spazzing. Anyone has any idea what it could be? I know that its not officially supported by Final Cut Pro X but I have a hard time believing that it runs...
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    Anyone using the Magic Mouse without Issues on a Hackintosh?

    Yep this totally fixed my magic mouse issues. Instantly. Using the IOGear BT adapter that is recommended on this site. moved it from the back USB on my computer to the front.... got better performance but still glitchy. Moved it from the computer to a powered USB hub on my desk... Perfect.
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    I'm a newbie to the site and also this is my first build... So should be an easy question

    I just want to know if I can take my hard drive out of my macmini and use it in my hackintosh build without wiping it and re-installing Mountain Lion My mobo is the GA-Z87-HD3 My CPU is the i5-4570 Any help would be greatly appreciated. :-)
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    Noobie Quick Question

    This is my first build EVER. (not just first Hackintosh but first EVER) lol Is my understanding correct? I don't need to run multibeast if I use the GA-Z77X-UD5H motherboard. I can just build, unibeast instal and I'm set?