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    Guide Dell Optiplex 9030 All in One

    Thank you for this info, I need to read up on config.plist. so if it is HD4600 or HD4400 there's something that needs to be done on the plist? I believe the gpu is HD4400. But I will double check the specs again and will try to use clover r5117.
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    Guide Dell Optiplex 9030 All in One

    Hello, I am a total noob with hackintosh. the last hackintosh I did was with a dell D600 some 15 years ago and i forgot which OS version it was. now I have 2 Opt 9030 did some googling and found this guide. I followed the instructions on creating the bootable media . I have seem to run into a...
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    128GB RAM and 16 cores / 32 threads X9DAI

    Holy sh!t i just came twice looking at this setup.