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    How to Create a macOS Sierra Public Beta Installation USB

    8GB is more than adequate. Still have 2.5 gig left on a 7.75 gig drive.
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    Multibeast 8 vs. Clover Configurator

    Just use apple's trim enabler? sudo trimforce enable
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    Can't install Windows 10 November update

    Usually how I updated my windows partition was to disconnect my OS X boot drive. Figured I would try just updating without and see how it worked, having recently switched to Clover EFI booting. Updated to the latest build released last week and it went through and updated just fine booting up...
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    Updating Clover via Clover Configurator

    Pretty simple. Just make sure your EFI partition is mounted and you just upgrade it. I've done it a few times and it has been fine each time.
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    EL Cap Disk Utility is terrible - alternatives? Need RAID support.

    What are people using now that Disk Utility has been paired back? Looked at SoftRAID but I'm not spending 179 dollars. Just need something to repair/create JBOD raid drives. Any options other than using diskutil command line stuff?
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    Time Machine not going on schedule

    Nope, still seeing it. Saw a post about it on Apple's forums, so it might just be a weird bug. Waiting for 10.11.1 to see if they fix it.
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    El Capitan System folder empty

    You have to unhide /System/Library as well.
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    Time Machine not going on schedule

    Cool - must be something funky. It backs up manually just fine, just not automatically. TM can be a bitch sometimes :)
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    Time Machine not going on schedule

    Anyone else seen this? Did a clean El Cap install, deleted old time machine backups, still doesn't fire off every hour. Says Next backup at a certain time in the preference pane, but as soon as it hits - nothing happens and the counter just jumps up an hour. Can't see anything in console out of...
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    System folder hidden?

    Been fine tuning my new Clover El Capitan install (thanks TonyMac and crew!). Noticed that on two fresh installs the System folder is hidden. Is this a new El Capitan thing? I have been running El Cap on my MacBook Pro since first beta and it is visible, just curious if anyone else had seen this.
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    El Capitan Unibeast 6

    It's because the drive isn't big enough. Tried a couple of times on the same drive and got the "Couldn't copy base system" error. Noticed that formatted it was 7.3GB in size. Tried another one and it was 7.5GB and the installer finished. Think the new size minimum must be about 7.4-7.5GB and...
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    Never gotten Clover to work

    I have tried dozens of times on a few different machines, and I have never gotten a Clover install to work. I even have a test box for this and still I can't get it to work. I suppose it's just over my head, and while I'm pretty technical perhaps my knowledge base just isn't sufficient. I can...
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    Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ITX case for $69.99 Aerocool DS Cube mATX $59.99

    Awesome! I ordered one anyway, figured I'd make it work somehow, but this is great news! Ordered mine yesterday and they said it was backordered, got an email this morning that said it would ship before the end of the month. Woo!
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    Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ITX case for $69.99 Aerocool DS Cube mATX $59.99

    I love that aerocool case, really nice. But 2 drives is not enough :( I guess I could get 3 by using the other 3.5 bay, but I currently have 4 in my case. Might buy it anyway and just sort it out when I get it :)