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    macOS 10.15.5 Update

    Clover 5118, no updates to KEXTs or anything else. Upgrade from 10.15.4 to 10.15.5 via system preferences. Two automatic reboots. 40 min installation, no issues observed.
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    Mavericks OS X 100% WORKING!!! GA-B75M-D3H - i5-3330 - GTX 650

    Thanks a lot for your guide!!! Worked perfectly on my GA-B75M-D3H !! Everything is working fine, Audio works!! GTX750Ti Gigabyte works fine!! Sleep/Restart/Shut down working fine greatings from Brasil! Thank you!
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    Post Your MultiBeast Config Files Here (.mb)

    My config : Q9550 3.3GHZ 8GB DDR3 1333mhz GTX 560 1GB 1201/10de Asus P5G41-T LX3 USB Audio Generic Adapter 4x HDD SATA III 500GB Samsung
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    MultiBeast 5.5 Update

    Thank You , respect from Brazil.