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    Bluetooth Problems workaround - El Capitan

    Same Cambridge Silicon Radio Ltd. bluetooth dongle worked with those kexts on 10.11.1, thanks a lot! I've been using the same dongle with 10.8.5 and there was some kinda occasional lag with the mouse pointer, which can be irritating sometimes. But it seems to be working much better right now!
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    Tp-link tl-wn821n

    10.8 driver works fine with 10.11.1.
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    Using AirPort Express with non-Apple modem/router to use wireless AirPlay

    Hello there friends, I recently bought an AirPort Express. And I'm trying to make it talk to my computer wirelessly over a non-Apple modem (AirTies Air5443). I'm already able to create a standalone wireless connection and use AirPlay features by connecting to it, but unfortunately I'm unable...