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    Nope, this doesn't work for me.
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    Multibeast Failure Trying to get Working Audio on GA-Z77-DS3H

    It would be helpful if you could explain what you mean.
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    Multibeast install failure

    I started to suspect a permissions issue after I wrote this. So I mounted the EFI and checked permissions were okay (didn't change anything). Then reran install and this time it worked! No idea why. I did have a reboot in between tries so maybe that cleared something for this to work. I'll...
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    Multibeast install failure

    I can mount the EFI parition, and it *does* have a config.plist file. In fact, I had to modify it to get the boot options correct. So I know it should be possible for Multibeast to mount and update this file.
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    Multibeast install failure

    I'm trying to use Multibeast to install the Realtek ALC887 codec. After attempting to install, I get a screen "The Installation Failed". One observation. It didn't matter if I had the EFI mounted or unmounted before attempting install. Here are the details: macOS version 10.13.5 MultiBeast...
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    How to abort the upgrade/remove Install macOS from Clover

    How do I get to a prompt to run this? I recall previously I could get to a prompt through "Book Recovery from Recovery HD", but I'm hitting boot errors. At this point I'm trying to cleanup my system and re-install everything. The system won't even recognize my newly formatted bootable USB...
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    [Solved] Asus GeForce GTX 950 card incompatible with High Sierra???

    Your screen shot looks quite a bit different than the one I posted. I don't think its the same issue. I would suggest to leep google searching both tonymac86 and the rest of the internet for the exact same wording as in your logs. Or just post a new posting on tonymacx86 with your issue.
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    Boot into High Sierra Installer hangs

    Hi, thanks for your response. This helped remove that error message. But it seems I'm still stuck here. - see screen shot in attachments. There's some messages like: "IOUSBHostHIDDevice::handleStart: unable to open interface" "IOUSBHostHIDDevice:: start: unable to start IOHIDDevice" I...
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    Boot into High Sierra Installer hangs

    I'm upgrading from Sierra to High Sierra. After download and installation from app store, I reboot the system. Inside Clover bootup screen I select "Boot macOS Install from Sierra" (should that say High Sierra???). Its gets stuck in bootup with "Service existed with abnormal code: 1". See...
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    [Solved] Service exited with abnormal code: 1

    It seems that link is dead now. Any chance you can recall what you did?
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    Laggy High Sierra with GeForce GTX-950 Check out these posts: These solved my issue!
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    WindowServer memory leak on High Sierra?

    So I was having the same issues on my hackintosh. I have about 48GB total memory, and the WindowServer would quickly creep up to 40GB consuming most of my memory. Ever since I updated to High Sierra, I've noticed my system was very sluggish, e.g. slow typing text in various apps, slow...
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    [Solved] Asus GeForce GTX 950 card incompatible with High Sierra???

    I just realized this post was originally intended to deal with a boot issue when updating to High Sierra. Shortly after I posted the issue, I stumbled upon the solution (see my followup post) and was running fine for several weeks. During this time I didn't see any performance issues. Then I...
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    [Solved] Asus GeForce GTX 950 card incompatible with High Sierra???

    Hi , What exactly do you mean by lag? Since updating to from 10.13.2 to 10.13.3 I've been having what feels like sluggish overall performance (scrolling windows, flipping windows, launching programs, etc...). Is that what your experiencing? Can you be more specific?
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    Clover HDMI audio for NVIDIA & AMD cards. Easy way.

    I had HDMI audio working on Sierra, but after upgrading to High Sierra it no longer works. I tried this procedure, but audio is still NOT working for me. I don't see any output devices (System Preferences->Sound->Output). I have the HDMI going from my Samsung TV/Monitor connected to the HDMI...