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    Gigabyte GA-H61N-USB3 Success!! (I think)

    Just finished installing Mountain Lion and everything seems to be working, I have one question however: After running Multibeast and using dsdt-file that matches my bios I have to set GraphicsEnabler=No but I still get full screen resolution. Does my Gigabyte HD6670 need somehing extra...
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    Blank grey screen after 10.6.8 combo update

    Greetings! Have been trying for 2 days to get my build working. Everything works ok until I´m done with the 10.6.8 combo update, when its done and I reboot without iboot disc it start loading but after a while the loading stops and I get a blank grey screen. my build: CPU intel core i5...
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    Simplest Mac OS X Installation Guide

    The snow leopard retail dvd is no longer available for purchase.. what to do?
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    My first build, would like some advice before I order

    Yes I have looked at it and there are two reasons why I decided to wait with getting a graphics card from the start. First one is the budget.. I´ll get the items on the list now and add a graphics card later on, next month or so. Second is that finding a card that will work is a bit confusing...
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    My first build, would like some advice before I order

    Greetings! First I have to say that I love this site! Always wanted a mac but they cost too much just to satisfy my curiousity (bet I spelled that wrong). But then I found out about hackintosh and this site so now I have compiled a list of hardware and would appriciate some advice if I need to...