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    Nuc6i5SYK USB problem

    Not Forum News, post in correct help forum.
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    Used Hackintosh- Where to sell?

    Remember when selling your old Hackintosh hardware you cannot legally include macOS. If you want to sell it with an OS include one of the many Linux distributions. Or buy a copy of Windows and install that.
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    [Release] Hackintool v2.8.0

    Please submit your trouble report via the Contact Us at the bottom, left of this page.
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    Update Directly to macOS Mojave

    See Post #18 here.
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    Best install copy of Win10 on same drive?

    Moved to Multi Booting.
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    How to build your own iMac Pro [Successful Build/Extended Guide]

    This community was created for individuals to help each other make their own hackintosh for their own use. Forum Rules: "using this community for commercial use will result in a permanent ban and deletion of accounts." These leeches who are stealing this content can compromise our ability to...
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    [Success] GIGABYTE Z370 Gaming 5 + Intel Core i7-8700K + Lenovo L24q QHD 2K @ 60Hz

    Moved from User Builds to High Sierra Desktop Support as the OP didn't not conform to the User Builds Template's conditions.
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    Can't reach installer ASUS H370 [Apple XHCI Error]

    hWhere did you download macOS from and how did you create the USB key?
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    [Guide] Broadwell HD5500 Setting DVMT in InsydeH20 BIOS Laptops

    @Ions, Per the tonymacx86 Forum Rules & Policies:
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    AMD Radeon 530

    The Lenovo Ideapad 320s 15AST contains an AMD processor. The tonymacx86 Rules and Policies state: The methods and software on this site is not supported on AMD nor Atom CPUs. Desktop systems using chipsets from NVIDIA, ATI, VIA or SIS are also not supported. Any post requesting help for or...
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    10.13.6 Lenovo V110 I5 Kaby Lake Intel HD 620. SSD

    Not Desktop Buying Advice, moved to correct forum.
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    Intermittent Black boot. GTX 780 6GB. El Capitan. Mac Pro 3,1.

    Moved to correct forum.
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    Mayday mayday...Apple logo showing then kick's back to Bios? supertony to the rescue.

    Not Buying Advice, post in correct forum for help.
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    Which OSX's are free again..??

    Your friend sending you a copy is piracy. Read the rules again. You can install 10.6 on as many computers as you have.