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    Anyone tried RX 5700 (XT) with latest public beta?

    Yep, because AMD stopped to build / sell them. Upcomming RX 5500 and later RX 5800 (V II follower) will make all happy - beside existing RX 5600/5700 as VEGA followers --- only Apple must do dome little driver work :)
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    Gigabyte Radeon Rx 560 not working

    Thats not normal to put LILU + its plugins in /S/LE! Do you use also AppleALC (also an Lilu plugin) for the sound? If yes where have sou put that plugin? Possible reasons (not wokring in Clover / kext / others): 1. Your Clover version ist to old, try newer one (newer one since 3 months+ user...
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    Sapphire Redeon RX 560

    Then ist all OK. The wrong name shown is only cosmetic, beside your GPU type is in real an RX 460. OS X supports that like real RX 560 and real RX 460. New buyed "RX 460" are now (since 6 months+) often RX 560D cards which are with 14 CUs compute shaders vs 16 CUs 560 (non D) has. Speed diff...
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    Overclock a RX570 on Hackintosh?

    No, not by Tools - on the fly - running Mac OS. Other than VEGA or V II where you can use some Mac Tools to generate OC/Undervolting and inject those by Clover into the AMD Driver table. BUT you can OC/ Untervolt (at least little UV is recommended to avoid to hot gpu ? trottles = slower!) by...
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    How to Enable AMD GPU Encoding instead of Intel's?

    Handybrake can use the CPU or GPU (by selecting video codec name ends with ...videotoolbox). VideoToolbox its Apples GVA ecoding "box", but uses only iGPUs (=INTEL) and NOT AMDS / NVIDIAs.
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    General performance question

    Ist complex. Can bei some bugs in the game can be some in the Apple graphics driver - whichs inst that optimized / bugfree for all games s AMD does it for win. And of course may not only GPU related, means bug happens more to the cpu / ram management of the game which runs into short FPS...
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    HD 4000 to RX 570 GPU - mojave

    You will need at least tay with lilu (Mother of some plugins) if you use AppleALC, an lilu plugin for audio. Sure you can remove any Nvidia related options in Clover. If you use iGPU beside your AMD i would leave WEG, because it sets up the CPU/igpu part also, not only the AMD GPU part. You may...
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    Radeon RX 4XX/5XX standalone system, AMDRadeonX4250.kext (GVA support H264) does not support HEVC HW

    Perhaps we can use the gpu relevant part of iMacPro1,1. ,plist in the SMBIOS which fits good to CPU Modell. In this case we remove igpu from iMac13 / 14/15 .plist and change the gpu part there with that from iMacPro1,1.
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    Radeon RX 4XX/5XX standalone system, AMDRadeonX4250.kext (GVA support H264) does not support HEVC HW

    Independent which Video App you use for encoding tests, it is always good to check which GPU, iGPU or RX 5xxx or both are really used! You can do this by running INTEL Gadget for looking after usage/load (= full speed MHz) on IGPU and other Tools like HWMonitor2 to look same (load/usage) on RX...
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    Audio fixed! Here's hoping this helps some others

    Hi, i have same HW Config and same probs. I use(d) AppleALC (Lllu plugin) long time and works. Now something must have be changed in the native AppleHDA (i use native) also in High Sierra security updates. With same Clover settings (Audio inject and Loyout ID) which worked always i run in probs...
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    Is Apple dropping support for Nvidia?

    You cant compare DirectX APi with Metal - the BASE of developers (even senior / professionals) for DirectX is much much bigger! Means, even METAL runs 3 years, there are much less devs who really can handle Metal running OS X. And from the few Metal devs most (80%+) known running METAL Api...
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    Radeon RX 4XX/5XX standalone system, AMDRadeonX4250.kext (GVA support H264) does not support HEVC HW

    Hi, to all here. I use now the Acre.kext (HS + RX 460). I can see in IOREGExplorer that the kext works, infects. I changed IOGVACodec to IOGVACodeX as recommended. Now i wanted to test whats changed by that injection using same video apps - and run into problem. I have latest iMovie but not FCP...
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    Radeon RX 4XX/5XX standalone system, AMDRadeonX4250.kext (GVA support H264) does not support HEVC HW

    Hi. i use RX 460 and run OS X High Sierra , latetest update. Which kext should i use to activate that "For RX460/560, IOGVACodec not native enabled need dummy kext." Thanks PS: Can i use the kext (you recommend, upload here) in Clover /kexts or must i install that in Library/extension? If that...
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    Confused by Unigine Heaven Benchmark

    Ist normal. that OLD!! Unigine Benchmacks show wrong VRAM size. Doesn't matter for bench results. Its because that Benches aren't updated for Sierra+. That bench Heaven ist from 2009!!, LAST UPDATED 2013... :) PS: Their much newer bench Superposition is from 2017, but Win+Linux only .. no OS X...
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    My experience of switching from Nvidia to AMD

    Normally such an switch works. 1. Only use Whatevergreen - NOT also the Clover Option RADINIT. 2. look in the Clover ..kexts for any Nvidia related (Nvidiafix.. ) kext and remove them. : if not sideeffects can happen 3. Be sure your set of LILU+WEG is BOTH! new. Sometimes, newest WEG also need...