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    Chimera 4.1 Injects Intel HD 5500 Graphics on Broadwell BRIX

    the BRIX is interesting but has anyone done a price comparison against a DIY build from parts or even against a mac mini? It seems like the BRIX will cost quite a bit once you get it all together.
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    CAN'T Use the BUTTON RESET on my case - No BOOT

    it's a rare occurence, but the button/switch may be bad, i've had a case in the past where the button was broken.
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    Gigabyte P55-UD4P + i7-860 + GTX 760

    Hil all, I’ve been a member here for a few years but have not messed around with my build the last few years. I was happily chugging along on this hardware build with Mt Lion the last 2 years. But i recently bought a new monitor that required an upgrade to get the native resolution so i had to...
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    Ram XMP profile fail

    XMP is controlled by the BIOS not by OSX, it depends on whether your RAM supports XMP, XMP is just auto settings for the RAM, you can tweak the parameters yourself if you know what your doing.
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    SOLVED: Problems with Triple Boot 10.7, W7, Ubuntu

    Re: Problems with Triple Boot 10.7, W7, Ubuntu So first off, don't panic, you're not that far off. you can do some more research for exact steps but basically what you have to do is understand how the bootloaders work. When you install W7, Linux, Chimera you're installing a boot-loader and...
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    original apple graphics cards, works in a hackintosh ?

    all hackintoshes are more work, more risk then a macpro, that's what you get for the money you save, if you don't have the patience or the willing to plan ahead for problems then you should save your money for a macpro. that said, your problem with the gtx460 is your fault, this card (and all...
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    10.7 Lion supported graphic cards??

    i can also confirm no fermi freeze with an evga gts450. and on top of that i got screen rotation back as well.
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    well you'll just have to trust some of us that some things are fixed ;)
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    Editing AGPM to prevent GTX4XX Freeze

    i have the same device-id card (an evga) and it works great now, no edits to the kext requierd, i just had to make sure i was using a chameleon build over 1000. i even got rotation back on the second screen! no lockups but only been running for a day.
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    Advice before buying ASUS GeForce 8400GS

    i had no problem getting this card to work for DVI but i could never get it to work with dual inputs. performance is fine for non-graphical stuff, but if you use any graphical apps its a little weak. also something i've noticed from recent threads, it seems like there is a new gen of this card...
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    Is The RADEON HD5770 from Gigabyte working in a Hackintosh ?

    i've use this card with dual-dvi before.
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    OSX freeze after installing official nVidia Fermi drivers

    Yes known problem, still no fix.
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    How did I do so far? final build questions

    what specific graphics card are you thinking of? the apple one? because it's not made to work with hackintosh, a gigabyte 5770 would be a better choice.
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    Upgrading my current PC to a hackintosh...

    just to help you with a few things. 1) try to stick with the reference builds by tony as close as possible, this does not necc. mean you won't have problems, but then at least you will have others here with a similiar built which can help you. And when i say follow the guide, try to follow...
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    GTS 450 question

    if you follow tony's instructions, you don't need to reinstall, you just install all the new drivers first from multibeast, shutdown, install the card and then you'll be fine. on the 3 ports, i'm only using the 2 DVI ports, i can't get any output on the HDMI port so YMMV on that. I'm using an...