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    Overclocking not working

    Thanks for your reply - I assume that's the one under Acpi >> Plugin Type? I've tried blank, 0 & 1 with no difference...
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    Overclocking not working

    Hi On my Gigabyte Z390 M Gaming, everything is working fine but when I set the overclocking in the BIOS (say to 4.5GHz), it shows up in the actual BIOS as that speed, but when I boot into Mac the only the core clock speed is displaying (3.7GHZ). Has anyone got any ideas on what might be the...
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    << Solved >> Hackintosh does not use the OC from BIOS

    I'm having the same issue - the processor speed is showing up as 3.7GHz in MacOS rather that 5GHz as in the BIOS. I'm running Mojave (10.14). I changed Advanced Frequency Settings >> Advanced CPU Core Settings >> CPU EIST Function = Disabled. Is that the one people are referring to? I...