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    Can't even start iBoot... Help me please!

    I have the same problem even with a HDD with osx installed from another pc - it freezes at the spinning dash. My system is a gigabyte g41mt-s2p with 8gb ram, nvidia gts450 and dual monitors (one on dvi and one on VGA). I use a sata DVD drive as this mob has no IDE. It used to work when I got...
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    A touch screen laptop that is hackintosh friendly?

    Hi depending on your budget how about this one? ... et-series/
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    Dell e1405

    PM me if you still need help
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    Dell e1405

    Try installing snow leopard first - I think you will need arch=i386 (always) and cpus=1 until you install voodootscsync.kext, but I cannot remember - went straight to lion but cannot discuss that here. Use the iboot + multibeast method for SL then xmove method to go to lion.
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    Samsung NP-RV510 It works great but no QE/CI!! Go here for a tip about Youtube: Hope this helps you out - mine works great as a mackintosh with 8GB ram!!
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    Lion Installation, 10.7.2 Update Experience, Dual Boot

    I'm gonna try your Lion 10.7.2 method and if it fails I will buy a MacBook Pro!! Cos I have an almost perfect Hackintosh (all I lack is QE/Ci, Webcam and Brightness controls) everything else is perfect and I have 8GB ram!! So finger's crossed and here we go... I will edit this post saying if...
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    Samsung RV510 - can't get the wireless to work (i am a noob)

    Hello friend, I have the exact same laptop (well specs look the same to me, anyway! :D ) and I just got wifi working today, which is a good start to this Happy New Year!!! :headbang: To get working wifi install the IONetworking... kext from this link to S/L/E (System/Library/Extensions on...
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    Success with Samsung RV510-A05UK working Wifi and Battery!!

    Re: Success with Samsung RV510-A05UK (except for sleep/wifi/bat) Any ideas for getting the battery meter to show up? I have given up on 10.7 and just want 10.6.8 to work better!!!!
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    Success with Samsung RV510-A05UK working Wifi and Battery!!

    Hello all, this is my first post here!! My system is as follows: Make/Model: Samsung RV510-A05UK CPU: Intel Pentium Dual Core 2.3 GHz Ethernet: Marvell Yukon 88E8040 Graphics: Intel GMA 4500MHD WiFi: Atheros AR9285 I used the method here to install a Dual Boot with Windows 7...
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    Hackintosh on Samsung rv510 a08 HELP!

    Get a Retail disk, then follow the instructions here: ... -x-on.html It does boot, if I get it to work better I will tell you how. I have a Samsung RV510.