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    Help Mojave to Catalina upgrade

    I have been running Mojave for a year now with no problems but a new app that I need for my home automation required a minimum of Catalina - so I tried to do the update following the direct update instructions here. That failed and I couldn't boot (machine kept resetting), so I tried to do the...
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    [Solved] Final Install Screen Halting on New Build

    I have gotten past the problem, though I am not sure what I did differently. I built several more installation USB drives and one of them got me all the way through the install.
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    New build USB issues

    I just finished up my Hackintosh build and am adding the peripherals. I noticed that if I plug more than one device into either the USB 2 bus or the USB 3 bus, something goes wrong. On the USB 3, I have a Drobo plugged in. It ran fine for three days as I was moving data and applications. Then I...
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    [Solved] Final Install Screen Halting on New Build

    Thanks for responding! I rebooted, selected the USB, the checked the Verbose and Don't reboot on panic boxes, then selected the boot from High Sierra on the Clover menu. It booted into the apple graphic with a progress line and stopped again. i don't understand why it won't give me the verbose...
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    [Solved] Final Install Screen Halting on New Build

    Good Day Everyone. I told my wife that I could build a better Hackintosh for a little more money than the new IMac we were looking at to replace our 2012 model. I actually spent a good bit more (adding a Drobo to the list and other nice things). However, for over a week now this build has been...