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    Can't Wake Issue on Catalina for Gigabyte z390 M -Mac19,1

    I have a new build I just created and I have the dreaded can't wake from sleep issue. I got everything working with UniBeast and Clover.. but can't seem too get the machine to wake from sleep. I have looked into mapping the USB ports to address the issue, with no luck. I have included the...
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    Audio stops working after long idle period [MB v7.0.2//Yosemite 10.10 // ALC887/888b]

    I set up my hackintosh with OS X 10.10 using MultiBeast 7.0.2 and I am running into an issue where after long bouts of sleep my audio stops working. The audio controls are still there — but no sound whatsoever. The only solution is to reboot. I checked the forums and it seems like this was an...
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    [Success] iDell XPS 8300 *Mavericks 10.9*

    I am running a Dell XPS 8500 that I recently upgraded to Yosemite and I am running into the same issue. The only output devices that I can see are wireless sources like my AppleTV. Does anyone know why this is happening? Are there any leads on a fix for this?
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    Guide: Dell XPS 8500

    I watched the video and I am still unclear. The only thing of note that he appears to have done is run the AppleACPIplatform.kext with kext utility. I am unclear what this process does. From reading the forums I have found posts where people copy their kext from a previous version of OSX and use...
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    Guide: Dell XPS 8500

    I am running into the same issue. When I run in verbose mode I get an error loading: (214.0)[C154A79F-841E-39ED-A28D-CD20975E352D] I am trying to figure how to address the issue -- but I am pretty new to Hackintosh- ing. If I find anything that can...