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    Ersterhernd's G4 Cube Project

    Question on your i3-3225 builds: Do you have fully working SLEEP/WAKE functions? I am still having a very perplexing problem, where it is taking 5 minutes (almost exactly) to wake from sleep. The sleep mode is power led blinking, cpu fan OFF, screen blank. When it is commanded to wake, by...
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    First G4 Cube Build

    DQ77KB Motherboard Failed I've been offline for the last week due to my G4 Cube system experiencing a motherboard failure. The symptom was first noticing that the system had powered down by itself - initially I thought it had gone into SLEEP mode. Attempts to turn it on were unsuccessful...
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    First G4 Cube Build

    DVD R/W - Repurposed SuperDrive from MacBook Pro 15 I don't use any of my DVD drives very much, however I've had an unused SuperDrive Combo Drive from my SSD-upgraded MacBook Pro gathering dust for quite a while now. This seemed like a great way to repurpose it. I simply followed the lead of...
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    First G4 Cube Build

    I found the broken piece when I removed the heat sink from the bracket during the initial disassembly. I'm currently negotiating with someone who has at least two Cubes for sale. I'm awaiting confirmation of the condition, as I want one that is flawless. Apparently they come with original...
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    First G4 Cube Build

    Back Panel and I/O Shield I followed several other threads concerning the mounting of the DQ77KB, and aligned the I/O shield with the existing I/O ports in the back panel, and fabricated mounting stand-offs and mounting blocks similar to Ersterhernds builds. I also mounted the Noctua 80mm fan...
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    First G4 Cube Build

    The first task, of course, was to disassemble the Cube. It was after I disassembled it that I ran into my first problem. The handle slide / locking mechanism (on one side) that the handle mounts to was broken. I noticed it as soon as I removed the large heat sink in order to cut the main heat...
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