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    NVIDIA Releases Alternate Graphics Drivers for 10.9.2 (331.01.01f01)

    Anybody tried a Quadro K5000 with their Hackintosh? I wonder how these drivers affect this card . . . .
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    Building a CustoMac: Buyer's Guide August 2013

    Article: Building a CustoMac: Buyer's Guide August 2013 The Z77 Chipset allows overclocking, while the H77 Chipset does NOT allow overclocking. On a mini platform, the overclocking potential is minimal, but still present.
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    Building a CustoMac: Buyer's Guide August 2013

    I'm sure that you are already aware that the UP4 TH and UP7 have the VL800 chip which is (was?) not supported . . . .at least I believe? Is there some work around now that makes the VL800 chip natively supported? I have always been interested in the UP7 but didn't want most of my USB3 ports not...
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    A $2,800 Hackintosh video editing rig

    You can go with the 2011 socket, but you are going to see some issues. For example: "Warning: Power Management is NOT working, and may not ever work. This means no speedstep, sleep, etc" Although it is more powerful...
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    Hackintosh Pro - PowerMac G5 2004 model

    What thickness of aluminum sheeting did you use? I measured the thickness of my G5 and it was 1.45mm. The closest thicknesses I have been able to find are 1.27mm or 1.60mm. Where you able to find an exact match in regards to thickness?
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    Hackintosh Pro - PowerMac G5 2004 model

    Thanks Dschijn. I had thought about that since the 120mm wide radiator is much smaller than the inside of the G5. Having it moved over would allow the use of the 360mm rad on the bottom. Using a 60mm high rad with 25mm fans would most likely cover the motherboard up to the CPU!
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    Hackintosh Pro - PowerMac G5 2004 model

    Do you think it would be possible to put 120mmx30mmx360mm(wxhxl) radiator in the bottom with 3 120mmx25mm(w&lxh) fans in push configuration without covering the motherboard? The total height would be 55mm.
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    First build, mac mini style hackintosh

    That's a cool case. Are you able to keep the stock cpu fan? or is there something else?
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    Proposed GA-X79-UD3 + i7-3930K Build for Data Transfer and Video Transcoding

    Power management on LGA 2011 builds are not present. Meaning, no speed-stepping, sleep, etc. The added performance increase from the 3770K to the 3930K is, in my option, not worth the decrease in functionality. The performance difference is small when you consider overclocking. Are these...
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    6870 dual fan mini dp

    What brand of card is it? I am assuming an XFX Double D 6870? Check this out: He claims that the Mini DP works.
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    Mac Pro Hackintosh advice needed

    The Q6600 is at best 30% and at worst 27% of the processing power of the 3770K: Here is the 3770K without overclock: 3770K with overclock (I know that you are not into overclocking, but just for reference sake): You can check out these charts at:
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    Corsair 500r or Fractal Design Define R4?

    Mano, I really like the R4. Its my personal favorite. The H100 fits in the R4, but it is tight. I would hope the Noctua's fit? Also, you are going to want an additional 140mm fan in the front if you choose the R4.
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    Mac Pro Hackintosh advice needed

    I'm glad I could help. I hope that you find what you are looking for. Hackintoshes would not exist if one could get an iMac for the same price as a CustoMac. The whole idea behind the Hackintosh is to create a system that runs OSX at a fraction of the price while meeting or exceeding the...
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    Mac Pro Hackintosh advice needed

    No. The listed Xeons are part of the LGA 2011 socket type and therefore do not have power-managment as listed in the Customac description. See picture below. Note: There might be some variation and type where a Xeon might have power-managment, but as far the recommended, they will not have this...
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    Mac Pro Hackintosh advice needed

    The Xeons are bullet proof. They use them in servers and the like for this reason. Generally, the newer Xeons do not overclock however. I would find a build from the list below and use it as a guide. Also, check out the CustoMac list.