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    reboot instead of wakeup

    I am running catalina 15.04 on an aorus z390 pro wifi with i5 9600k CPU and have used AudioGod's clover settings for my install. The problem I am left with is that the build reboots instead of waking from sleep. Can somebody please help me to diagnose the problem and/or provide suggestions to...
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    Disable wifi

    How do I disable Wife/Bluetooth so osx does not try to use it and write error log messages? I have an aorus z390 pro wifi, but the chip is incompatible. I have already disabled it in bios, but osx still tries to use wife and bluetooth.
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    [Guide] Native Intel UHD630 Graphics support in macOS 10.13.6

    I have managed to install catalina on my aorus z390 wifi pro, despite only having an hdmi output. The system booted with a generic graphics driver. Next I tried to activate intel uhd 630 (i5 9600k) with the settings found here for aorus master with coffeelake gpu. I do see a display initially...
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    System Reserved Partition invisible to Clover

    I have the exact same problem with my legacy MBR Windows7 installation. I cannot see the 'reserved' partition and cannot boot into it from Clover. It boots fine when chosen at the bios boot menu. Did you ever find a solution to this problem?
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    Making a Clover USB work as true legacy BIOS

    Hello everybody. I too have an GA-X58A-UD7 mobo. I once used Chameleon on it and had no trouble booting into OSX or Windows 7. After switching to Clover, I cannot see the 'system reserved' partition on my Win7 disk to boot into it. I only see the data partition on that drive. My settings: -...
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    kitkonis build - X58A-UD5, Core i7 950, MSI 5770 HAWK

    Hi kitkonis, Could you tell me how you got sound to work under 10.6.5 ? I am getting KP at boot time when I use voodooHDA or a patched appleHDA kext. I would appreciate to find out your dsdt settings and used kexts for sound. My setup: x58a-UD5 (alc899) and OSX 10.6.5. Thank you, M