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    macOS 10.15.6 Supplemental Update

    installed with no problems, pretty quick too....;)
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    Name the Next macOS (10.15)

    Salton sea....:problem:
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    Name the Next macOS (10.14)

    Mac OS Venice Beach......:headbang:
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    macOS High Sierra 10.13 Supplemental Update

    Just installed, sound still working..... :mrgreen:
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    Name the Next macOS (10.13)

    Santa Rosa ! :headbang::clap:o_O:wave:
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    macOS Sierra is Now Available on the Mac App Store

    Well shoot, guess i'll have to wait for the new unibeast to come out. Computer goes through the motions but just restarts back into El Capitan..... :banghead:o_O:sick:
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    Do you own a real Mac?

    Well, i do own an iPad air 2...... close but no cigar...... ; )
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    OS X 10.11.5 Update

    Updated, smooth as silk. :thumbup:
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    Name the Next OS X (10.12)

    Venice Beach..... :headbang:
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    OS X 10.11.3 Update

    Downloaded the standalone combo update , installed with no problem...... :thumbup:
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    How Long Have You Been Using OS X?

    I have been using Macs on and off since System 7 (late 90's) they were pretty much a pain in the tuchus until OS X leopard came out. To me Macs are a hobby to have fun with, I need Windows machines to run the business side of my life... ( Fortune 100 type stuff)...but OS choice is a good thing...
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    Microsoft to Release Windows 10 on July 29

    I have all my Windows machines setup for the upgrade.... (my house looks like a computer store) running about every type of OS under the sun here....Good times for me ! :headbang:
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    Name the Next OS X (10.11)

    Next OS X system name? ........ Los Banos ! :shifty: