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    10.10 - Sharing wifi to wired - what am I missing here?

    Hi Guys I am on wifi from the neighbours place. I need to connect my FreeNAS box to my Mac - what am I doing wrong here? I just want to be able to access the FreeNAS system, I DONT want it shared to the network - as I am not in control of who else is able to access said network. And I...
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    BitterMelon's "Chip" build: GA-Z77N-WIFI - i5-3570K - HD 6870

    I have this same problem. for now, I have set sleep to never as I have to reboot to get my keyboard back.
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    How To: Build your own "Real" Airport Card

    Is it apple branded? If not, you should rebrand it using prasys method.
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    How To: Build your own "Real" Airport Card

    You can attach all 3 its just that you have to remove one to fit the card in (clearance) and the shield won't sit nicely if your wires are coming out towards the bracket. This is why i routed them out the side as it means the shield goes on nicely and there is no rats nest of wiring. Both...
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    How To: Build your own "Real" Airport Card

    Yeah, the MP2W is one that I looked at, but rather pricey. It's probably got better build quality but I am doing great with this card. I can also report that it works perfectly in windows 7. No lag issues with some starcraft 2 beta playing today. Of course, YMMV, but I'm getting 5/5 bars in...
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    2nd pci slot questions (p55m-ud4)

    Hi Guys Have achieved victory! Forum Thread Have not tested graphics card to see if performance is suffering, but I don't notice anything different at all so far!
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    How To: Build your own "Real" Airport Card

    After weeks of sharing my macbooks ethernet connection to my P55M-UD4 while waiting for parts, I have finally made my own airport card using relatively cheap parts from ebay. It's a no-compromise solution and I hope it helps anyone looking for affordable (<$50) and zero-configuration setup...
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    2nd pci slot questions (p55m-ud4)

    Thanks for the replies. I haven't got the card yet as I ordered it on eBay from [where else but] China, and it usually takes 2-3 weeks. However I'll try a few setups and report back. I read that 95% of the time a GTX 260 is really not going to suffer under x8 configuration, so I may just move...
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    2nd pci slot questions (p55m-ud4)

    Hi Guys Have a gtx 260 in my primary slot and an (unworking) dlink dwa-552 in the pci (will be removed). I ordered an apple bcm94321mc pci-e wifi card and pci-e (x1) adapter for it. Since the pci-e x1 slot is covered by the graphics card, what is the best way to reconfig these cards? Can i...
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    DSDT P55M-UD4 F7 Bios

    cured: same dsdt, new install w/ pc efi 10.6 -- no problems!
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    ALC885/889A step by step install instructions

    Works Awesome, thanks so much. Is the purpose of HDAEnabler.kext to get around the lack of proper dsdt edits?
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    DSDT P55M-UD4 F7 Bios

    Does anyone have a dsdt that works with this bios, or a method to extract it? Stuck using safe mode atm.
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    Overclocking a P55M-UD2 - Any thoughts or recommendations?

    Give it a shot. Can you post before and after benchmark results?
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    P55M-UD4, Core i5, GTX 260, Safe mode only...

    Hey spike 1. Did you edit your dsdt or use tony's stock one for this mobo? 2. Also, did you try F7? I skipped the beta and am on F7 now, and audio not working... possibly due to (1)? Cheers
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    Confusing RC5 message

    Thanks: I did load optimized defaults so there is something the BIOS has probably changed with respect to the dsdt as I am unable to boot to the desktop (blank screen after verbose mode is finished. Going to try pc efi 10.6 from scratch.