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    Wake from sleep Issue / Arrandale + HM55

    macOS 10.11+ does not support HM55 intel internal hubs. Apple utlilized non-intel usb hubs because of hibernation issues. patch should restore some functions Name(\_SB.PCI0.EHC1._STA, 0) Name(\_SB.PCI0.EHC2._STA, 0)
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    Asus u33jc

    Don't apply any usb patches to DSDT. use this instead this will fix sleep and shutdown for chipset only way to disable rmh, which Apple did not use, removes usb1.1 support.
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    [Guide] Asus ROG G73JH using Clover UEFI

    Attention: If you are using an SSD and AFPS. The latest efi driver 10.13.4 apfs.efi seems to be broken for me. I can get it to boot but performance too slow. I rolled back to the previous version works fine again. If you aren't having issues ignore this message. FYI i am using an intel SSD and...
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    Brightness Control - EliteBook 8470P & AMD 7570M on Yosemite

    When I was on yosemite i used ACPIBacklight.kext and use config.plist setting or add Brightness fix DSDT patch from @RehabMan's repo as a start should have it working to some degree. the alternative fix is the kext, config.plist/dsdt patch, bergdesign brightness app which is needed if you run...
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    [solved] Android USB Tethering

    version 8 works fine. followed instructions. did a reboot berfore plugging in as the installation said was maybe needed depending on the os version tested using Moto E LTE 2015 Lineage14.1
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    [HELP]ATI Mobility Radeon HD4570 & High Sierra 10.13.1

    you only have 3 FB to choose from Gliff and Shrike are both LVDS. So one of those then patch the FB connectors to match yours just like desktop graphics
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    Please Help me, Asus G73JH Realtek ALC269 El Capitan not work

    If you used emulated nvram before you have to remove more than the driver for native nvram to work with AptioMemoryFix. P.S. This is how you downgrade a 5870m to a 6870m. Open SSDT-GFX0.dsl change...
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    Please Help me, Asus G73JH Realtek ALC269 El Capitan not work

    I didn't use automerge because sorted order isn't needed and the only SSDT's needed are created by users. The oem DSDT doesn't have any oem _DSM methods anyway. I left the XDSM patch enabled because no one should be using a patched DSDT anyway. this is from the bootlog verifying no oem _DSM...
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    Please Help me, Asus G73JH Realtek ALC269 El Capitan not work

    the guide you are using is way out of date correct guide old guide reflects link to new
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    [Guide] Asus ROG G73JH using Clover UEFI

    Most people are going to try the easy way with the builds hosted here or ughh... sourceforge. I didn't know you had builds, I personally just build it, I would definitely place your builds above the others mentioned.
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    [Guide] Asus ROG G73JH using Clover UEFI

    We have working NVRAM without emulation!!! remove emulated nvram with DO NOT USE any Tonymacx86 clover builds Update Clover build because it will contain AptioMemoryfix use it instead of OsxAptioFixDrv* Remove any...
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    Intel | ATI Radeon

    Yes fourth post your device-id is native Pay attention to the connectors section Pondweed is your framebuffer that needs patched your card uses the 6000 connectors controller also i would have 2 config.plist in the clover folder so you can change to a bootable config if something goes...
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    [Guide] Asus ROG G73JH using Clover UEFI

    Update: Guide will be switching to Clover Hotpatch Guide as soon i get around to creating SSDT-BATT. Update1:Guide has been converted. If you want to try it you also have to use the config.plist Update2:Tested Tonymacx86 Clover builds. Clover Legacy mode version may work but it is not supported...
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    Asus A52JU - Shutdown-Problem

    The official apple 5-series acpi table for intel usb is named "UsbNoRmh" There is no acpi code for non-intel hub bit 0 or bit 3 enabled uses AppleUSB20InternalIntelHub, RMH properties load, Sleep/shutdown broken all bits cleared uses AppleUSB20Hub, RMH properties load, extra ports...
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    Asus A52JU - Shutdown-Problem

    if i use a _sta value that enables Bit 0 sleep and shutdown are broken which means can't use Bit 1 and Bit 2 too trying bit 3 now