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    Security Update 2021-002 Catalina

    Worked for me. Clover 5122 + latest Lilu + WhateverGreen + AppleALC. Not sure if the kext updates were required, but always do so first when doing an update.
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    How to Prepare for Big Sur

    I looked at my config.plist in Clover Configurator and saw that the SmUUID field was actually blank. But I have iMessage, handoff, dam, etc., all working fine.... Looking in the System Report, I do see a Hardware UUID value. Is this the same as SmUUID? It does have the same format...
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    Itunes DRM Black screen returns on 10.14.1

    @ColoradoRef You have your iGPU enabled in the BIOS? I tried just replacing the AppleGVA and it also didn't work for me. But I have disabled the iGPU....
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    Itunes DRM Black screen returns on 10.14.1

    Apparently Apple removed hardware encoding support for the 580x. That is the source of the problem. See this thread for details and some fixes: I...
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    Itunes DRM Black screen returns on 10.14.1

    No, I haven't figured it out yet either. Put it on the backburner for a little. My output from the ioreg/grep command is exactly the same as yours. Mark
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    10.14.1 System Report only showing RX580, no iGPU

    Nevermind... Apparently this is normal for headless iGPU systems.
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    10.14.1 System Report only showing RX580, no iGPU

    As I was trying to research the itunes DRM problem with 10.14.1, I noticed that others were sharing screen shots (looked like from About this Mac -> System Report, that showed both the dedicated GPU as well as the iGPU. However, when I looked at my System Report, I only see my RX580. Intel...
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    [Solved] Mojave 10.14 and Radeon RX 580 with HDCP and now lost

    Same problem. But I cannot play my itunes library. Think they are *not* downloaded. Apparently stream and download are not the same in regards to DRM. Somebody over on insanely mac reported a similar problem. He also had a 580. He fixed it by replacing AppleGVA.framework with the one in...
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    Itunes DRM Black screen returns on 10.14.1

    Found a post on another site that seemed to point the finger at AppleGVA.framework breaking RX5x0 in 10.14.1. His solution was to revert to 10.14.0. Tried it, but didn't work for me....
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    Itunes DRM Black screen returns on 10.14.1

    Running a RX580 and a Kabby Lake CPU. While running High Sierra, and after replacing my Nvidia with the RX580, I magically was able to play DRM protected itunes videos. Upgraded to 10.14, checked itunes, still good. Upgraded to 10.14.1, then noticed that galley view in the finder wasn't...
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    Clean install, but preserve serial#, etc.

    I want to do a clean install, starting from unibest. *But* i have a functioning High Sierra with Imessage, handoff, etc. The last thing I want to do is allow my network mac address get associated with a fake Serial Number and blacklisted. I assume I can run most of the install offline. Any...
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    [Solved] The installer resources were not found

    I also have a Samsung NVMe (and a Toshiba stick in an pci adapter :-) ). This error has been occurring for me with the last 3-4 updates to High Sierra (most recently 10.13.6). What "worked for me" on each of those occasions (with High Sierra) was physically unplugging the power supply, waiting a...
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    macOS Mojave is Now Available on the Mac App Store

    With past updates, I also got the "installer Resources not Found" screnn. Although have not tried it on Mojave, I simply turned the machine off and made sure the power supply was disconnected. Waited a magic minute, turned everything on and it continued.
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    AMD 580 with 14,2 Definition?

    Yes, in bios set IGPU enabled and 64mb but set PEG or PCIE as primary output. Further clarification... Do I need to add any kext etc or the IGPU to be used appropriately in High Sierra or does that come for "free". Thanks mark