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    Wrong motherboard

    Thank you! Then I think I'm going for the ASUS!
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    Wrong motherboard

    why in the hell is the i7 9700k in the hardware list while no 390 mother boards that support it are listed. I bought that processor and a z370 ultra gaming WiFi and it doesn’t work!! Grrrrr Anyone tips about which motherboard do I have to get to make it work?
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    Hackintosh Crashes Under Heavy Graphics Load

    Have the same problem... but I can only see the intro on bioshock and Metro last light. I couldn't even play gone home, do you already fix your problem? I have mountain Lion with a gtx 670 and an intel 3770k Anyone has a solution?
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    heeeeeelp! iBoot boot problem with GA-Z77N-WIFI delux!

    Ok, but then what can I do? should I then just get a copy of mountain Lion on the internet? can I ask a friend to download it for me? If I try iBoot Legacy then I have to have a multibeast stick ready with Mountain Lion Right? Please help, sorry for all the questions but I really need to know...
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    heeeeeelp! iBoot boot problem with GA-Z77N-WIFI delux!

    I'm stuck with iBoot on the first screen after I try to boot with it, the screen is the white one with the apple logo. I just gests stuck there and then nothing happens. I've already tried to start it with Verbosa and didn't work. I typed PCIrootUID=0 because I saw that it worked for the Cpukid...
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    Official CustoMac Mini 2012 Guide and Notes (in progress)

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if I could use the Sony optiarc slim blu-ray burner on mijn mini ITX Hackintosh, this one: I read that the only optical drives that work on hackintosh are the optiarc ones but...
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    BitterMelon's "Chip" build: GA-Z77N-WIFI - i5-3570K - HD 6870

    Thanks bittermelon!:thumbup:
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    Installation without optical drive HELP!!

    I see people keep showing their builds that don't have an optical drive. Mostly on ITX cases. How do they install everything then if they don't have an optical drive for the iBoot CD and the Snow leopard DVD? Is this a stupid question? Please, I need to know, my parts are about to come and I...
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    The most new Mountain Lion installation?? help please!!!

    I still need to first install Snow Leopard first and then just download Mountain Lion from the appstore and then install, right? I've read some guides but I also heard the info is really old so I don't trust it that much... I've made a question about being able to install Snow leopard with...
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    Snow leopard install with 16 or 8 GB RAM! help!

    Thanks a lot! really helpful information!
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    BitterMelon's "Chip" build: GA-Z77N-WIFI - i5-3570K - HD 6870

    How the hell am I gonna use 3 SSDs/HDDs 2,5 and one HDD 3,5 if I need an optical drive to install Snow leopard? can I just install leopard and then remove the optical drive?? sorry if this is a stupid question...
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    Snow leopard install with 16 or 8 GB RAM! help!

    I'm going to begin my installation but I read that I can only install with 2GB max, I have only 2x8GB corsair vengance LP for my build, can I also try to install with 1x8GB RAM?? or do I need to buy another memory with 2GB?? Thanks!
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    ITX mini beast!! for film edit! Please some advice!

    I just mailed my store, I asked for a Z77N replacement. I hope they agree.
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    support for MSI GPUs!!!

    I've made some research and I read that the MSI GPU cards are better than the Gigabyte ones, do I get out of the box support with them as with the gigabyte ones? I'm thinking of the MSI GTX660 TI Thanks for the help!