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    Void's G5 Mk. II - Project: G5-S.H.I.E.L.D

    You've done a really good job! Congratulation :)
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    Ersterhernds G4 Cube PSU NUC DC3217IYE

    Spectacular! I've always dreamed about a small hackintosh. I'll give it a try Thank you for posting your build
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    Support for ARM chips found in macOS Sierra Kernel

    fingers crossed guys, finger crossed! :lol:
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    Do you own a real Mac?

    MBP 2012, if Apple can stop to higher the price I'll update my macbook sooner or later! :(
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    gaming help please

    GTX 970, best value by far
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    Steel Series Rival! TOP!
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    The unOFFICIAL Best Mac Web Sites for You

    Finally a great list! Thank you OP
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    12" Macbook Clone With 4K screen option to be offered by HP

    Good point tabarus! There is no chance that someone buys a macbook clone that costs the same! Perhaps just to have some i/o more than the real mac :)
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    Apple Releases New 2016 12-inch Retina MacBooks

    I'll buy it only if there will be more than one USB-C port!!! Thanks God, these releases help us with the compatibility of the CPU as Superbogey said!
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    Introducing the macOS Sierra critter!

    ahahahah beautiful!
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    The Demise of the iPhone Headphone Jack Hasn't Been Greatly Exaggerated !

    always the same story, you have to buy expensive adapters (and you must carry them with you all the time)
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    Mac OS X Wallpaper and Intro Videos

    Thank you for the old wallpaper. I was missing them so much!
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    2x Dell U1515H - DP native 2560x1440 resolution, HDMI just 2048x1152

    2x Dell U2515H - DP native 2560x1440 resolution, HDMI just 2048x1152 Hello Guys, I have a problem with my new 2 monitors (Dell U2515H) They have a native resolution of 2560x1440, and with the Displayport cable it works fine. I have a GTX 570 that has: 2x DVI...
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    Zotac H77, i3 3225, HD4000...need help :)

    Thank you very much samisnake! I'll try to install as soon as possible.
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    Zotac H77, i3 3225, HD4000...need help :)

    So what I have to do now? Samisnake are you working on the patched bios or I must proceed with the patched kext? Thank you.