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    [solved]High Sierra freezes at random times.

    Fixed. I changed the « color profile » of the « display »in the « general osx settings panel »... Somehow my « non-standard » rig, probably the HDMI monitors or whatever was not detected properly during install and the installer installed some weird default instead of the standard ones like...
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    Deleted help

    While trying to get USB3 to work and stop getting random freezes on my hack, I deleted the wrong file. If anyone could help me restore the file would be appreciated. Also, anyone got this to work? I tried rehab man’d inject all, generic, nothing seems to work and I think my freezing issues...
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    [solved]High Sierra freezes at random times.

    Hi everyone, The title says it all. It happens very randomly. Sometimes It'll be working 5 minutes and suddenly freeze and sometimes it'll be up and running for a day or two. Not an emergency since it's only a secondary setup built for testing and building things before I move them to my...
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    High Sierra freezing - GA-Z68XP-UD4 with GTX760

    Weird, I thought I was there but thanks.
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    High Sierra freezing - GA-Z68XP-UD4 with GTX760

    Successful install, everything works perfectly fine. I have another SSD with El Capi, no problems at all. Did not get freezing while working, only when left on screen saver so far (did not get a lot of time on computer since tho). sleep is disabled. Obviously, no record in console when...
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    High Sierra on GA-Z68XP-UD4

    Hi guys, I’ve been using this Hackintosh for a long time now, from Lion to El capitan. Never had much trouble following the guides but now I can’t seem to setup clover properly for high sierra. I’m pretty sure it’s a simple thing that I overlooked so I’m calling for help here. I got thins...
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    10.10.2 ga-z68xp-ud4 gtx760 boot hangs after firewire, safe boot works

    Just to add : Here is the last bunch of stuff I tried with multibeast. Didn't work.
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    10.10.2 ga-z68xp-ud4 gtx760 boot hangs after firewire, safe boot works

    Hi! I've been running this machine perfectly fine for a long time with mountain lion. Decided to upgrade to yosemite a few weeks ago due to some stability issues with Logic Pro and Final Cut. It's been running fine for a while but I have this strange issue now since I have installed...
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    GA-Z68XP-UD4 ALC 889 YOSEMITE - No output devices found.

    UPDATE : I was on 10.10, updating to 10.10.2 and reinstalling ALC889 + HDAEnabler Audio ID : 1 = FIXED HELP! NO OUTPUT DEVICES FOUND! GA-Z68XP-UD4 ALC889 YOSEMITE Installed from UNIBEAST. Tried everything I have read. Multibeast : ALC889 + HDAEnabler Audio ID: 1 I tried...
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    KERNEL PANIC - ADAPTEC RAID CARD Urgent help needed.

    Hi, I just helped my bud installing Yosemite with Unibeast on his PC. Dual boot works fine Yosemite / Win 7 He has a RAID on which he keeps his DATA, it's connected to a controller (ADAPTEC 3405) We don't care if OS X won't load it, but we'd like to keep it on for windows to...
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    How to make your "BIOS" based system shut down properly

    Doesn't work for my... but I have a 4 series (GA-Z68XP-UD4 F4)... Everytime I shut-down, wether it reboots or the screen goes black but the computer fans and lights stay on until I force shut down by holding power... My settings are exactly the same as above except a few options missing in my...
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    How to make your "BIOS" based system shut down properly

    I have a GA-Z68XP-UD4 (F4), my settings are exaclty as shown above and can't shut down properly. Sometimes it automatically reboots, other times it will turn everything off but the lights and fans keep working forever until I force it to shut down by holding the power button... I was...
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    10.7.4 update, scared to do it

    Hey 10.7.4 has been out there for many moons now... I keep refusing to update 'cause it crashed the first time I did it... Anyone could tell me if it should work now or if there's a workaround? GA-Z68XP-UD4 i7 2600k 16Gb SSD 120Gb TI Firewire card Radeon HD 6770
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    Sapphire 6770 and Lion

    And to add on top of all the excitement :