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    Guide - Fusion Drive using tonymacx86 Tools & Chimera

    i am in same situation.... is it that it will only work on fresh install OS X... i created the image of my currently working system and followed your steps. I also get the same message "can't find" also how do i undo my fusion drive... what is the command for it? thanks.
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    USB ejects After Sleep Fixed - [Success] ML/Lion

    This problem is related to your particular system. I have a Seagate Go Flex 2 TB drive on my USB 3.0 port, which gets ejected and mounted back automatically. The reason why you need to make your drives internal is because jettison ejects only external drives and you would not like to eject your...
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    still waiting for root device 10.8.2

    can you upload the kext from 10.8.0 so that i can also use it.
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    still waiting for root device 10.8.2

    I read the entire post on insanely mac... have also downloaded the new script but i do not understand how do i use it to patch IOAHCIBlockStorage.kext pls help me patch my kext :) thanks
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    USB ejects After Sleep Fixed - [Success] ML/Lion

    i do not understand what you are trying to say.... well as far as i can understand from your ques is you are thinking that it ejects the drive before backup whereas it doesnt have anything to do with backup. It ll eject the drive before your system goes off to sleep not before it starts making...
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    USB ejects After Sleep Fixed - [Success] ML/Lion

    Its strange but m sure this must be system related thing. I would suggest u do some trouble shooting like changing usb stick or try diff. port. Also reffer to Jettison help. I have tried this on lion and ml it works for me, w/o any sp. settings.
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    USB ejects After Sleep Fixed - [Success] ML/Lion

    Jettison ejects usb before sleep automatically and mounts usb back when system wakes up.
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    USB ejects After Sleep Fixed - [Success] ML/Lion

    Hi, Everyone must be aware of the issue where external hard drives or usb sticks are not ejected properly when the Hackintosh goes to sleep. Every time I used to wake up the system i use to get a nasty message "The disk was not ejected properly. If possible, always eject a disk before...
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    Mountain Lion Slow Boot Up Time

    i am also stuck in the same problem.... cannot even update to 10.8.1. system stops booting and gives an error IOAHCPIblockinjector.kext failed... what to do?
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    ML 10.8.1 causes KP

    Hi, thanks for bringing up this issue... i am also getting an error where it says IOAHCIblockinjector.kext not found... and system just waits... what do i do? replace with old lion kexts... which i dont have? or patch the existing file? Thanks.
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    Issue with the USB 3.0 chip (Etron)

    Hi, I just saw a thread that pointed out the issue with the renesas USB 3.0 ports. So i thought of starting a new one for Etron chips.... the one i got. I have installed ML on my system. After installing usb 3.0 kext from MB 5.0.2 my boards' USB 3.0 ports have started working. I plugged in my...
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    Etron USB 3.0, disks eject themselves, GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3

    I have a similar issue with my system.... if anyone ever gets succes do post it here,lol. In the meantime ill use USB 2.0 port. I too have a 2TB external drive. Thanks everyone.
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    Issue with the USB 3.0 chip (renesas)

    I am sorry to post in this thread cause this is renesas chip thread but my USB 3.0 shows up but gets ejected automatically after a while. i used MB 5.0.2 for my Etron chip. I Really want my 3.0 usb to work... i have an ext. 2TB drive to work with. any help would be great. Thanks.
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    Chimera 1.11.1 Update

    Article: Chimera 1.11.1 Update There is a wake up problem in new Chimera... I shifted back to 1.10, now its working fine.