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    HDMI port working from Motherboard, but DVI and VGA are not

    Hi @pipolamenace, I have the same problem with similar hardware. Can you share your EFI folder or config.plist with me, please?
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    IGPU framebuffer and sleep broken with Clover Bootx64 (> rev5117)

    Same log with OpenCore on big sur. I have two displays and only one of them works at the same time, I've tried everything but no luck. only using SMBIOS 'iMacPro1,1' two displays get working with glitchy effect. also, SMBIOS iMac18,1 is not working for me(displays turn off on mac's login screen...
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    Panic when trying to boot with Clover, works with OC.

    Same problem. Did you find any solution?
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    TL-WN781ND kext for sierra

    Thank you. About your question: Because of US sanctions! I can access TL-WN781ND to buy from local stores, but it will work with Catalina?
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    TL-WN781ND kext for sierra

    What about Catalina? I can't buy from aliexpress, ebay, amazon, etc.. So if any compatible card with Well-Known brands is exist, let me know please.
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    [Solved] My Wifi TL-WDN4800 N900 not working after install Mojave

    Hi guys, I want to buy this wifi card, did works on Catalina? any other suggestions to buy?