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    [Guide] Sapphire Radeon RX 5700 XT Nitro+ with macOS Catalina

    I have the MSI Radeon RX5700xt Mech Oc 8GB. It has metal support. I have made a video with Benchmarks if you want to see.
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    rx5700xt laggy mouse

    It's a wired mouse. But if you do a google search, there are many 5700xt owners that have the same problem. I believe it is a radeon driver issue (not fully optimized yet for rx5700 - and you can see that from the low metal and opencl scores). I previously had the rx590 and never experienced...
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    rx5700xt laggy mouse

    For the ones that use this GPU, do you experience any small annoying mouse lag? Especially when opening menus etc. Any solution for this?
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    Catalina AMD 5700xt

    Do you experience any small mouse lag with this card?
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    USB keyboard not working in clover

    yes on the same ports. Actually I tried all ports but still the same result. I did not have this problem in Mojave... Weird...
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    HW monitor only shows ssd and hdd temp

    As the title says, I get only the ssd and hdd temp reading from HW Monitor. This happens to two (2) of my builds. (The Armaggeddon and the CoolerMaster. You can check my signature). What am I doing wrong? Which kexts should I use and where shoud I place them? Thanks!
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    USB keyboard not working in clover

    Hello to all. I am facing a strange problem in Catalina. I have two usb keyboards. One is wireless and the other is wired. When in clover boot screen, the wired keyboard does not work, unless I unplug and replug it. Then it works fine (till next boot). On the contrary, the usb mouse works just...
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    [Release] Hackintool v3.x.x

    Sorry I meant to write "mtoc". The Safari autocorrection changed the spelling of the word. Can anyone help with this error please?
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    [Release] Hackintool v3.x.x

    How do I get rid of the error "missing mtoc or" please?
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    [Guide] HP 6300 Pro / HP 8300 Elite - A 100 percent Working and Easily Affordable CustoMac

    What's the best LP AMD card that is supported by Catalina? I think it is only RX460 LP (which is quite expensive and hard to find). Is there any other? I have a 4300 Pro SFF, and had to install High Sierra to it, as 1050ti LP was the only good LP I could find.
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    Solved > Using 2 ram sticks of different frequency

    I bought and installed a pair of the exact same Kingston DDR3 4GB ram sticks. I did not just edit the config.plist.
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    Solved > Using 2 ram sticks of different frequency

    So, just as an update about this matter, I did get a new 1600mhz ram stick (of different brand) and it was still not working. I could not boot. I searched through forums etc. and I have found that when you get this problem, you should enter the details of the memory sticks inside the smbios in...
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    Solved > Pci Gembird Serial Ata Host Adapter

    Nevermind, all drives are recognized now. I had to revert the Bios Settings to default.