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    Mac Pro 2008 Front Panel PWR and LED only

    Never mind, I couldn't wait for the answer so I made a 6 pin connector to the PSU with 4 wires including 3.3v, 5v, 12v and GND.
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    Mac Pro 2008 Front Panel PWR and LED only

    Hi all, I'm working on a 240 AIO cooled Mac Pro 2008 mod, most of the work is done except the power LED. I've read through the forum including posts like this: However, some old images are lost...
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    [HELP] HP Z4 G4 C422 + W2150B

    Hi all, I built a hack based on Lenovo P520C which also uses C422 motherboard. Please find my EFI here, it has some quirks compared to other setup:
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    Thunderbolt Help - OpenCore Asus Z590M-Plus with i9 10850k and ThunderboltEX 4 AIC

    This seems to be a normal behaviour, the Thunderbolt ports won't get recognised in macOS but they just work. I have a Gigabyte Z590I Vision D, it has the same "issue". Also it won't support Thunderbolt Hotplug.
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    IJskonijns Mac Pro 1.1 casemod - Ryzen 3600x + RTX2070S

    Yes. I modded a 4,1 last year, but I'm getting a 2,1 for the new project. It also looks like there will be less cutting on the case, i.e., the 4,1 needs to cut the CPU tray support to fit the mobo. I'm also interested to see if possible to install a 240 AIO in the front with minimum destruction.
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    IJskonijns Mac Pro 1.1 casemod - Ryzen 3600x + RTX2070S

    It looks like the 2006/2008 cases are better for PC mod. Firstly the front fans are two 120 instead of one 120 plus a 92, so there should be more airflow for the GPU chamber. Secondly, the RAM cage is separate from the wind tunnel assembly, it will be easier to access to the CPU cooler.
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    Mac Pro 1.1 Hackintosh Z390 Designare Build 2021

    Glad to see the progress you made further. It's a pity to see you had to remove the upper part of the RAM cage. It looks like this will affect the wind tunnels for separating the CPU and GPU. I haven't done anything on a 1,1 or 3,1 Mac Pro before, but for 4,1 or 5,1 cases, there is no need to...
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    My retro Mac Pro 1,1 Case Mod

    I like the white side panels, but the white mesh looks cheap. It's a bit messy at the rear, but hey no one will see. Nice idea!
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    Mac Pro 1.1 Hackintosh Z390 Designare Build 2021

    Would it be easier to have some sort of template for cutting the circle? I'm terrible at cutting and sanding, it will be quite challenging for me to cut something nice.
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    Mac Pro 1,1 fan upgrade

    There is no compatible fan from the market, you can buy used ones with the same make and model.
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    Mac Pro 1.1 Hackintosh Z390 Designare Build 2021

    I have never seen this much glue been used, wow. I'm looking forward to seeing how you make the final finish.
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    GIGABYTE Z490 VISION D + I9 10900K + 64GB Ballistix - in a Apple MacPro 1,1 CASE :D

    Nice build! I like the way how the ATX board was fitted.
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    Can you fit an extended atx board in a 2010 Mac Pro case?

    Intel based Mac Pro cases won’t fit ATX and larger boards unless you modify the upper rack which holds the PSU and optic drives, or remove the lower rack which supports the CPU cooling tunnel. Either way, the back panel needs cut to accommodate the extra PCIE slots. If the mod can fit ATX, then...
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    [Success] AMD RX6000 Series working in macOS

    You can use it for mining, by the time the card is widely available, you’d get a card for free.
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    MacPro Fan PinOut

    Thanks for sharing, that sounds good. I kept the original fans in case I can reuse them one day. Currently I'm using Noctua fans running at 250RMP for most of the time which is almost inaudible. I know the Delta fans use dual ball bearings, so after a decade time should still perform relatively...