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    New Apple Silicon Macs: MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac Mini

    What do I think? For $699 one can get a Mac Mini M1 that stomps Intel desktops costing 6X more, not to mention the M1 performance per/watt in laptops is going to give users amazing battery life. The M1 is just getting going and it will have a good 10-year run, only getting faster with more...
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    macOS 10.15.7 Update

    Worked for me... at least two reboots and about 20 minutes.
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    macOS 10.15.6 Update

    This was a loooong update with 3 reboots, be patient. On the first reboot I had to select booting from the Catalina Data partition in the clover menu. It may seem like your system frozen or hung as it counts down the minutes, but the update will eventually finish. Testing the upgraded AMD...
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    Apple Previews macOS 11.0 Big Sur - Available Fall 2020

    Apple has a 2-year timeline for moving all the Mac line to their custom silicon. However, they aren't going to upset customers who just bought Mac Pros @$10-$20k and will continue support with what they are calling the universal binary. I would say that the Hackintosh has at least a good...
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    Apple Previews macOS 11.0 Big Sur - Available Fall 2020

    Wow, did you see the support list for Big Sur? 2013 Mac Book Pros and Airs, 7-year old hardware still supported. The latest Mac operating system will run on the following devices: MacBook (2015 or newer) MacBook Air (2013 or newer) MacBook Pro (Late 2013 or newer) Mac mini (2014 or newer)...
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    Life without TRIM Support and "My SSD Used to Be so Much Faster" (Active Garbage Collection)

    I've been running Catalina but not letting the system sleep. I've noticed that on reboots the M.2 SSD is getting slower and slower to boot up. Because this is a 3rd party (non-Apple) drive and trimforce is not enabled, the drive needs time to clean house. Today I learned that this is because I...
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    Installing on ASrock H170M PRO4 with Catalina, stuck on "Waiting on <dict ID="0"> when booting from USB.

    First off, I wrote the guide on the ASRock H170 PRO4, 4 years ago. Due to software moving on, I need to update to Catalina but can't get this mobo to boot the Catalina Install off the thumbdrive. I always get ghostbuster symbol (no disk) and the error message: Waiting on <dict ID="0">...
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    Catalina on HP ProDesk 600 G3 Mini i5-7500T

    Does anyone have Catalina installed on a HP ProDesk 600 G3 Mini i5-7500T? It's a small little computer about the size of the Mac Mini. I've been reading and goofing around for a couple of days using clover settings and can't move past "PCI configuration end" of the MacOS install boot. I did...
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    Apple Deprecating KEXTs. End of Hackintosh?

    I think the bigger long term threat to Hackintosh is the move ARM. Try finding a compatible ARM CPU and motherboard. The ARM CPU is a custom A-Series CPU which won't be for sale outside an Apple device. Deprecated doesn't mean dead, it just means it...
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    Wake from sleep (Catalina)

    Can confirm solved.. Disabling serial port in BIOS solved the problem. The Hackintosh now sleeps better than Windows 10. Note: I have to push the power button to wake, the mouse/keyboard will not wake machine, but the machine comes back with audio, network, video very fast. Very happy...
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    UniBeast: Install macOS Catalina on Any Supported Intel-based PC

    Updated failed but fresh install worked. I needed to do a fresh install anyway. It was time.
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    Mojave Install (M.2 SSD) NO DISK, HighSierra Detects M.2 Installs Fine

    What is the trick to get Mojave to see M.2 SSD disks? I've looked at the [SOLVED] threads and didn't find a good solution. Using the same M.2 SSD by Crucial the High Sierra installer works fine and sees the disk without issue. I am assuming there is a patch. If you can help direct me to it, I...
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    macOS 10.14.4 Update

    The upgrade did not go smoothly and ended with a black screen. The solution was to use Multbeast to recreate the EFI boot files on the USB Mojave Install flash drive, then boot off the flash drive to fix the EFI partition on the main Hackintosh. As some have pointed out, this upgrade...
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    Solved > Majove 10.14.4 Update Results in Black Screen After Apple Logo Appears

    I used the Multibeast option as suggested by Utterdisbelief to fix the EFI partition on the backup USB Mojave Flashdrive. After booting Mojave off the flash drive, I was able to use multibeast to repair the mackintosh. This option takes a second working machine in order to fix everything up...