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    Mojave RX580 to LG 5K2K missing scaling option

    How you get full resolution ? I have the same monitor and GPU and all the time i can't reach full resolution.
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    5K LG monitor can't reach full resolution on RX 580

    Hello. I have a problem with my new out of box LG 34WK95U-W I tried multiple option's for plug this monitor via DP witch is included to monitor or HDMI. Should I buy a no included 1.4 DP cable and try it ? or 2 HDMI cable ? Any solution to reach full resolution ? GPU : RX580 SAPPHIRE pulse CPU ...
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    Mojave Installer crash and Rebbot in half way

    I post photo with all my BIOS Seetings and a Verbose Photo What's more, when I put the pendrive in port 3.0, the installation bar goes a little bit more forward Please look at this and if you can give advice I will be grateful Thanks!
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    Mojave Installer crash and Rebbot in half way

    Hello.The time has come to assemble the hakeintosh.I bought all the necessary parts from the guide I set everything i can in BIOS right. I followed the installation instructions for mojave, and each time the installer reaches half, the computer restart. My PC while installation : Aorus Ultra...